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merina coil

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stresshead52 Tue 15-Sep-15 14:49:03

would it help if i have the merina coil removed, my menopause symptoms and type 1 diabetes sugar levels? i feel im fighting a losing battle

Bellaciao Tue 15-Sep-15 20:35:50

I'm not sure what the problem is stresshead? The Mirena coil is just used for contraception and/or heavy bleeding and won't affect (well rarely) ovulation and your own hormonal cycle. Also the amount of progestogen absorbed into the system from a Mirena is very low and as it is constant, you should be able to adjust your blood sugar levels in the normal way I would have thought?

What menopausal symptoms are you getting? If you are having flushes and sweats then you will be able to start some oestrogen only HRT - with the advantage that you won't need any other progestogen to keep your womb lining thin - provided it's been in for less than 5 years.

Are you not able to control blood sugar levels with insulin? If you're having a problem here I would go to the doc.

Having said that from what I've read oestrogen and progesterone have differential effects on blood sugar and during the peri-menopause these hormones fluctuate widely so you could be noticing a difference in control of blood sugar?

Maybe ask a Q on the health borad or diabetes section if there is one and see if others have a similar problem?

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