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Need help figuring things out

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Pamela39 Wed 09-Sep-15 13:12:07

I'm almost 39 been going through the change since I was 34 women in my family starts early 30's. I've had so many symptoms through the years its been rough. Now I'm having new ones that is getting the best of me,I've been to my Dr and labs and all. She won't give me nothing says I'm still having cycles can't give me nothing. It started after July cycle which started 2 days late I started having bad hot flashes to where I thought I was gonna faint. This went on for three weeks even went on through the next cycle which came one week early. Now this month it started up again before this cycle and still going strong I'm ending my cycle today with no relief and I've had some sweating at night not much. I'm hot and cold all day long as well. Can anyone relate? Please no bad health comments I have bad health anxiety and Dr is trying to get me on a antidepressant that will help I've tried many.

ishouldcocoa Wed 09-Sep-15 13:18:10

Have you looked at alternative supplements for the menopause? I've just started to take sage tablets. They seem to have good reviews...

Alternatively, find another doctor for a second opinion?

Pamela39 Wed 09-Sep-15 13:24:31

I've just bought estroven wondering if it will help anyone else try this? Sage where do I get that at? Does what I'm doing seem typical for perimenopause? My cycles is coming earlier lately each month I've just about had it with all this hormone changes. I think I'd rather get my period forever and skip this change all together

pinkfrocks Wed 09-Sep-15 17:40:00

Hi there

If you are having a premature menopause- before the age of 40 - then the advice of NICE in their new guidelines published June 2015 is that you should take HRT (unless there are medical reasons why you can't) until the age of the average menopause (50-52).
This is to protect your heart and bones when you reach 50 and older.

Have you asked your GP for a referral to a gynaecologist because yours is quite a special set of circumstances and it doesn't sound as if your GP understand the risks of premature menopause.

Please go back to your GP, or another dr at the practice, or even consider changing surgeries if necessary as you need help.

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