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Symptoms in the order they come, hrt, ranting and generally meno moan!

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mandmsmummy Thu 13-Aug-15 22:59:08

I'm convinced I'm peri and wondered if people would list their symptoms preferably in order of when they happen. I started with hot flushes, palpitations and insomnia, periods then became slightly more regular with them being heavier for the first two days. Now I am noticing weight gain and struggle to lose it, irritable, weepy, night sweats, nausea. I feel generally like I'm falling apart, going mad,, turning into a monster etc etc.
This has been a year for me, I'm only 39 but early meno is inherited!
Thinking about hrt, fancy patches, but have held off incase this wasn't peri but I can't see that it's anything else.
Anybody else?

GarminGirl Fri 14-Aug-15 00:40:28

Periods became irregular
Hot flushes
Joints/muscles more achey
Periods stopped flushes went
Flushes returned but lesser than before
A bit headachey
Waiting for next Installment

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