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I'd forgotten how annoying periods are

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iroblonegen Mon 03-Aug-15 17:48:14

I am in (self diagnosed) perimenopause at 44. I've started having long cycles. The last one was 90 days and it was fabulous. I'd almost forgotten what a period was like, but now it's started and what a pain in the arse. Heavy bleeding, cramps, feeling constantly worried I'm going to leak... It's given me a taste of what life will be like without periods though, and I CAN'T BLOODY WAIT.

Just wanted to moan really. Anyone else having a similar experience?

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Mon 03-Aug-15 18:35:34

For me, I would happily welcome the return of regular periods rather than have to deal with menopausal symptoms.

pinkfrocks Mon 03-Aug-15 19:09:24

Sounds like you could maybe pop to the drs and talk about the Mirena or even the OCP which is often prescribed for peri meno in young women.
If your periods stop well before 45-46 then you should see your dr as that is a premature menopause and HRT is recommended.

Agree with PP- oestrogen-deficiency for 40 years post meno is no picnic- lots more worse symptoms and diseases to avoid through a) lifestyle measures and b) HRT if we are to stay active and well into old age.

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