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post menopausal spotting

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fab39 Wed 29-Jul-15 22:25:41

Just noticed some spotting today but my last period was more than a year ago. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and whst was the outcome.

Obviously I will be visiting my gp but cannot see my regular one till Monday.

o and I am 45 not 39

thank you

pinkfrocks Wed 29-Jul-15 22:33:11

have you ever been to see your GP before about your cycles?
At 44 you were having an early menopause- average age is 51-52.
The guidelines (latest from NICE 1 June) are that women with an early meno should be advised to use HRT to prevent heart disease and osteoporosis in later life.

At 45 it's likely this is hormonal and you are still not quite post-meno. But it needs to be checked.

fab39 Wed 29-Jul-15 22:33:31

Oops 46 and sorry for duplicate thread

pinkfrocks Wed 29-Jul-15 22:34:18

It's still considered early and you'd be advised to use HRT up to 51 at least.

fab39 Wed 29-Jul-15 22:35:30

Have seen doctor and they said hrt up to me really. Have had 2 blood tests in last couple of years confirming menopause. Thank you

pinkfrocks Thu 30-Jul-15 08:56:11

They are not really following guidelines to leave the choice up to you- unless they have given you all the facts about the risks of an early menopause.

This is the link to the new guidelines. POI is menopause under the age of 40. Early menopause is under the age of 45. So you are borderline for treatment. You need to be aware that you are 6-7 years premature with menopause (compared to the average age) and that means you will have 6-7 years without oestrogen compared to the average. If you dr has discussed the risks of this and you've decided not to use HRT, fair enough!


Management of premature ovarian insufficiency
Introduction to topic
Women with POI are oestrogen-deficient and treated with HRT up to the age that they would normally expect a ‘natural’ menopause, around the age of 50 years, providing there are no contra-indications to hormone therapy. Some women are treated with conventional HRT, others take the combined oral contraceptive pill.

fab39 Thu 30-Jul-15 16:39:36

Interesting. No, I was not told of any risks of not having hrt. Well managed to get appointment this afternoon. They are not overly concerned. I had a pelvic exam and all seems ok. I need to go back if I get any more bleeding.

fab39 Thu 30-Jul-15 16:41:13

I am quite overweight so maybe that is a contraindication for hrt.

pinkfrocks Thu 30-Jul-15 18:36:11

Not really. Transdermal HRT doesn't carry risks of blood clots and the latest research shows that HRT used within 10 years of the menopause actually protects against heart disease. All of this is in the NICE report linked. But obviously being overweight does put you at risk for other illness incl cancer, diabetes and CVD.

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