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Periods close together and migraines

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Used2bthin Wed 29-Jul-15 21:10:45

Im a bit worried at the fact my Dr has taken this so seriously (!) I've had periods with very short gap in between for the last year and finally got round to having tests today. Internal examination showed nothing but I've had swabs and blood taken and waiting for an ultra sound.
My last cycle was 17days start to start and I've had migraines, been very emotional etc. The Dr seemed to think it could be the perimenopause but I'm 35 so would be early!
Bit worried about the other tests as not entirely sure what they are looking for, anyone any experience ?

pinkfrocks Wed 29-Jul-15 22:35:41

Ask for a referral to a gynae.
There can be lots of reasons for irregular cycles and you will need other blood tests for thyroid function etc.

Used2bthin Thu 30-Jul-15 20:14:58

Thanks I think the GP is checking thyroid function although she said it's unlikely . Something's clearly going on though. Will ask about gynae referral if nothing shows up with the blood test. Have had cysts before years and years ago so may be the ultrasound is to check for that...
I have been so stressed lately, it's hard to know if that is a symptom or cause as I've not been sleeping due to anxiety .

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