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WitchofScots Tue 28-Jul-15 10:32:26

My GP suggested that this could be down to the menopause, I'm 48, nearly 49, and am feeling tearful a lot of the time, have panic attacks periodically, missed a period earlier this year and am late with my period now. I feel sick a lot of the time, have neck ache constantly, have tingling in my arms and legs. Most days I have a headache and I'm constantly on edge, everything unexpected makes me jump out of my skin.
Interestingly, it all stopped when we were away on holiday two weeks ago but came back as soon as we came home.
The GP has put me on beta blockers and anti-depressants for the last three months and has suggested that it's anxiety. They don't seem to be helping when I am taking them but if I stop taking them then I cry all day and want to stay in bed.

pinkfrocks Tue 28-Jul-15 11:17:31

Suggest you do a search on this forum for the posts about the NICE guidelines for HRT/ depression/ anxiety and also the link to the Woman's Hour prog last week.

Basically, meno symptoms need oestrogen and drs are being advised by NICE not to dish out ADs to women in meno except for clinically diagnosed depression.

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