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Exercise after surgical hysterectomy

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bananamilkshake1 Mon 20-Jul-15 12:33:25

Hi all,

So, 3 months post total hysterectomy I really want to start building up my fitness again. I'm keen to get back to running a gentle 5k 3 times per week. The only issue I'm having is a "support" one. Although my surgery was keyhole, I feel that I need a kind of sports bra for my mid section as I've tried running but it feels a bit uncomfortable around my belly button. . Has anyone any experience of anything like this? I had a big op for bladder cancer & the hyster was only a part of the surgery.



pinkfrocks Mon 20-Jul-15 12:49:50

Have you thought about accessing a women's physio maybe at the hospital where you had the op- or privately? I don't think this is something where anecdotal comments will help- you need expert advice. Generally tough, running 5K within 12 weeks of major surgery sounds a bit premature- surely you need to work on the abdominal support muscles first and do some gentle walking etc?

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