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not had bleeding but need polypectomy under hysteroscopy

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cestlavielife Wed 15-Jul-15 12:25:56

irregular periods since 2-3 years, age 50 now, had random bleed like a period three-four days about six months ago after nothing for few months...nothing since . get hot flushes and night sweats. went to gp a year ago but she was not keen on hrt at all said it just puts off symptoms til later?

but routine smear showed quite a few massive polyps. saw gynae and had ultrasound, lots of polyps and "irregular 8mm thickened endometrial lining". needs biopsies... ovaries look ok have v few eggs left in them.

scheduled for hysteroscopy and polyp removal under GA.

i guess if it's sinister at all they will suggest hysterectomy? smear result was ok for cervix.

if uterus lining is "normal" and "just" polyps do you have to get regular scans in case they come back?

pinkfrocks Wed 15-Jul-15 13:09:38

Have you posted on this before? It sounds familiar.

This might sound a bit bossy but- according to the latest NICE guidelines, it's not really a GP's decision to prevent a woman using HRT, if that is what she wants. A GP can refuse on purely medical grounds (ie high risk factors) but not because they 'don't believe in it' ( as if it's a religion or something!) or because they are taking the choice away from their patient for other reasons.

HRt may well not put off symptoms till later - some women find their symptoms are reduced if they come off it, some find they are the same, some find they have disappeared.

BUT- this is all on the grounds that you will stop at some point. NICE guidelines say that a woman has to be given the choice - having been informed of the risks. There is no arbitrary time to stay on HRT- the 2-5 years has been knocked on the head. This is all in the NICE document which came out on 1 June.
So it is quite possible to stay on a suitable dose of HRT forever if you can't cope with symptoms without it- and some women have symptoms for up to 25 years or more.

I think I replied to your previous post- was that on General Health?

If you have benign polyps and your uterine lining is normal then I imagine that will be the end of it unless you have any other symptoms such as irregular bleeding that is not like a period.

Why do you ask?

cestlavielife Wed 15-Jul-15 14:25:21

am concerned that polyps will not be benign./ lining will have growths etc .. saw some older posts from couple people on MN who had procedure for polyps and it did turn out to be cancer so they had to have everything it can happen. but just have to wait. cant change the way it will be. a major op creates huge logistical problems for me (severely learning disabled adult child living with me) ....have to think of planning for it...

tbh am a bit confused by different medics gp and gynae saying you can take hrt now and hot flushes/night sweats will improve but if you then stop they will return as hrt only delays the onset.

are you saying hrt treats symptoms then when you stop hrt you leap past the menopause into the stage in which you dont have symptoms any more?

is menopause the bit where you having symptoms then post-menopause you no longer have symptoms?
sorry this sounds like stupid questions

pinkfrocks Wed 15-Jul-15 15:05:23

there is no point worrying about what may happen ! The odds are it will all be fine.Live in the present and stop worrying about things that may never happen.If they do happen, you will deal with them.

What I said was all women have different experiences when they stop HRT- if they do- they might carry on forever.HRT is not a treatment that cures symptoms - it replaces oestrogen. without oestrogen some things can last forever, but some women find their symptoms are worse when oestrogen levels are all over the place during peri- which can last 2-10 years. But some women like my mum still have flushes etc into their 70s and 80s and my consultant told me some women never get rid of symptoms.

Menopause is a stage that lasts the rest of your life. Peri meno is the lead up to no periods. Post meno is the same as menopause- when you have no more periods.

women tend to forget that hot flushes ans sweats are only part of peri symptoms. After periods have stopped and oestrogen falls right off, longer term symptoms like vaginal atrophy, bladder problems, prolapse, osteoporosis and heart disease are all a result of loss of oestrogen.

Its not really fair IMO to put women off using HRT on the grounds it only delays things; you might prefer to have 10 really good years on it when you are still working, bringing up kids and dealing with elderly parents, then if you do have to stop HRT you might choose to when you are retired and life is a bit quieter!

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