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Premenstrual bleeding and sore breasts

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LakeFlyPie Mon 22-Jun-15 22:52:53

Am 41 and have had investigations few years ago for mid cycle bleeding which resulted in cautery of cervical erosion and nothing abnormal detected on hysteroscopy.
Recent smear was normal.

Over last few months I've suddenly started experiencing very painful breasts (tender and quite swollen) from mid cycle and also bleeding (not quite enough to use sanpro) but significantly more than spotting of fresh blood (on wiping) during the week running up to my period.
Actual periods haven't changed that much really, have always been fairly regular and not too heavy.

I feel like I should go to GP but not sure what they'll do.

Can anyone offer advice or confirm this is as I suspect hormonal weirdness associated with perimenopause?


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