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Anxiety and Menopause

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lmtoct Mon 15-Jun-15 12:06:18


Anybody else out there suffering from anxiety since entering the menopause? Feel rubbish most days and have managed to convince myself will have heart attack or stroke one day as I cannot control the feeling that my heart will give out with all this stress! Any tips or fellow sufferers? xx

pinkfrocks Mon 15-Jun-15 12:29:28

Anxiety is a symptom of menopause.
have you considered HRT? The NICE guidelines that came out 1st June suggest drs do take this into account when prescribing HRT.

Other options include CBT - you might have to find a private therapist- or counselling. Also Mindfulness- there is loads online including an 8-week course that you do online- think it's Bangor uni.

Do you feel anxious about anything specific- eg travelling, meeting people, work? If you do then CBT could help those.

lmtoct Mon 15-Jun-15 12:50:58

Thanks for getting back to me, I cannot take HRT as it causes my blood pressure to rise. I am taking a look at Mindfulness, I would say my anxiety is about the problems that the menopause is giving me.

No sleep, heart missing a beat, night sweating and thinking that I am seriously ill, it's just horrible

pinkfrocks Mon 15-Jun-15 15:07:16

HRT does not often cause a rise in BP- that is very rare. If it does, then your BP ought to be managed- with lifestyle ( more exercise, less salt, weight loss if appropriate) and drugs- but high BP is not a reason to avoid HRT.

If you look at the new NICE guidelines - there is a link here a few posts down- then you can find the part about drs not having to refuse HRT due to high BP- it's round about pages 14-15.

There is more about it here. sorry it's the Daily Mail but this was written on the same day that the new NICE guidelines came out.

If you use patches or gel for your HRT then high BP is less likely to occur anyway.

Kontiky Mon 15-Jun-15 15:10:33

Yes I suddenly started suffering with anxiety for no reason, and I now know it was the start of my menopause symptoms. Really odd as usually I am a very calm and collected sort of person.

I started reading about menopause on the Internet and soon realised that sudden anxiety is a classic menopause symptom. Up until I read that I'd had no idea.

getinthesea Mon 15-Jun-15 15:10:39

Hell yes. You can control some of the symptoms with herbs - sage tablets have really helped with the night sweats for me, and magnesium is also good for the heart palpitations. But the anxiety is still difficult.

Meditation/mindfulness definitely helped for me, as does going out for a walk every single day. But it's also worth looking at vitamin deficiencies, esp B12 and vit D, and thyroid as these can cause anxiety too.

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