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52 years old Post meno - do I need HRT?

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RitaFairenough Fri 12-Jun-15 20:41:08

I had an earlyish menopause - aged about 47. Breezed through it (sorry) so wasn't offered HRT. Starting to worry a bit now about heart disease, brittle bones etc. Mentioned this to lovely GP and she said HRT not given to post-meno women over 50 if they weren't on it before 50.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

pinkfrocks Fri 12-Jun-15 21:56:45

Aaargh- yet another GP not having the foggiest about meno and HRT- do they miss the lecture at uni or what !

What you have been told is total nonsense. I started HRT at almost 54, 6 months after a more or less final period- prescribed by a consultant.

The guidelines are the HRT is less risky when started within 10 years of the menopause- so for most women with an average meno age of 51-52 that means up to 61-62.

She is completely wrong no matter how lovely she is.

But unless you have meno symptoms HRT is not recommended as a preventative treatment for either heart disease or brittle bones for people your age as your meno was early-ish but not very early. If you think you are at risk then you could ask for- or pay for privately - a DEXA bone scan. You had a slightly early meno but not hugely so- 47 is about 5 years early.

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