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Mini pill for perimenopause?

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Brownsofa Thu 04-Jun-15 11:01:45

Hi there,

I have been starting to have irregular periods ( after being regular for years) have been checked out with a smear and scan so think it's perimenopause.nurse appointment booked next week but I want to chat to the nurse about possibly taken the pill to regulate periods again.
I was on the pill for many years pre children. Had my last child 8 years ago and ex dh had snip so had not needed contraception( we split 2 years ago)
I also don't really need to use it as contraception now either but I'm in a job that works outside mobile in all weathers and it's getting very pesky suddenly have my periods stopping an starting all time.
Has anyone done this at all?

Tommy Thu 04-Jun-15 11:06:11

I am on mini pill for this - I was on one brand and the NHS (God bless' em) have decided to change to a cheaper brand but it's not really doing what I wanted.
Have you thought about a mirena? I gather they do a similar job

Brownsofa Thu 04-Jun-15 14:41:53

Hi ya Tommy
Was you actually prescribed it for same reasons though?
No don't want the coil or implant, I've quite a pain threshold and tolerance of all things bleugh but those two really make me shudder !

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