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GillynMilly Tue 02-Jun-15 14:40:48

Hi,just joined! Anyone else out there suffered/ suffering with this horrid excessive bleeding?

MyCatIsAGit Tue 02-Jun-15 15:35:38

Yep, I did, for a couple of years, mine was low level but constant. Went to GP who was unsympathetic, second GP was more sympathetic and suggested Transenamic (sp?) Acid and noristherone. Didn't get on with either of them. He was a bit not very clued up I think.

3rd GP was v clued up and gave me HRT as I was clearly in perimenopause Also had a blood test and was very anaemic from the bleeding.

Prescription iron sorted the anaemia and HRT has sorted out the bleeding completely.

I found the constant bleeding debilitating and frustrating, as did my OH, and the HRT has been a godsend.

kissedbyamoonbeammyarse Tue 02-Jun-15 15:42:41

Yes. GP suggested mirena coil but I don't fancy it. Tranexemic acid and mefanemic acid taken oven 3/4 days works fantastically well for me. I am wondering how good for me taking them over the next 7 ish years would be so I'm flirting with the idea of something hormonal. Heavy bleeding is very unpleasant so definitely go to the gp for help.

Bellaciao Tue 02-Jun-15 19:27:41

Thereis also the possibility of endometrial ablation - less drastic than hyster, and if you don't fancy taking those over the next 7 years. You still need to take a progestogen but periods all but disappear so I'm told. Brief info about this and other treatments here:
and more detailed info here(scroll right down for ablation!)

GillynMilly Tue 02-Jun-15 21:01:55

What a relief to find others! No one I have spoken to has had it. Has completely changed my mind on drugs and surgery,would have it whipped out tomorrow if I could. I've ended up on the norethisterone which has stopped the bleeding,finally but has left me anaemic and feeling rubbish,body and soul. Always been a bit scared of HRT but sounds like lots of women on it,having read some more on here,and all saying is great stuff?! No way can I go through it again. Have a scan booked to see if anything else going on,but am sure is all hormonal.? Thanks all ��

Kez100 Wed 03-Jun-15 19:21:19

Me too (see my Oh Piss! thread). In the three months I suffered (and potentially its back - I've just dug out my old remaining supply of incontinence knickers) I was offered the mirena but never had it done because of the break that happened again.

My bloods and scan were fine too. It was just me getting older.

My Mum and one friend suffered so I did have some advice from them.

MyCatIsAGit Wed 03-Jun-15 21:50:15

Top tip is diary doll pants. Good for heavy periods.

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Thu 11-Jun-15 04:39:14

I suffered from horrendous bleeding, which went on for 15+ days each month sad

My useless gp prescribed Tranexamic Acid, which did nothing, She then persuaded me to have a Mirena coil which didn't help the bleeding but made me fat and spotty. She then put me on noresthisterone which didn't help either.

I eventually went to a different GP who referred me to a gynae consultant. It turned out I had a massive fibroid, which was removed.

No heavy bleeding since - bliss.

Weebirdie Thu 11-Jun-15 05:25:12

I did, it was horrific, and I ended up having a blood transfusion due to my HB dropping to 6. I was also supposed to have a hysterectomy but instead I had the Mirena which was fabulous. My bleeding was caused by fibroids, 4 of the buggers the size of oranges, and though I'm menopausal now I'm having a total hysterectomy soon due to the fibroids still occasionally bleeding, and a small ovarian cyst that's better out than in.

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