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NICE guidelines

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AuntieStella Mon 01-Jun-15 07:14:41

I haven't seen the actual document yet, but BBC Breakfast has a section on NICE releasing new guidelines for options during the menopause.

If I understood the BBC report correctly, the report is aimed for both women and their doctors. And what leapt out is that it is acknowledges how poor the advice from far too many doctors has been, and how a much greater range of treatments, to meet emotional as well as physical needs, should be routinely on offer.

They had Irma Kurtz on, and she said that women and the menopause remains a subject that is discussed far too infrequently, and the levels of care are far below those women receive during their fertile years.

pinkfrocks Mon 01-Jun-15 08:20:48

According to their website NICE today is the first day of the consultation period with stakeholders. The actual report is not due for publication until 1 October.

Did you hear something different?

pinkfrocks Mon 01-Jun-15 08:29:41

These are the guidelines for consultation, which you can access from the link above

NICE draft guidelines

AuntieStella Mon 01-Jun-15 08:33:09

Possibly half asleep and misheard what they were launching.

Pretty sure that I got the gist of the rest (ie what they believe would need attention) right though.

pinkfrocks Mon 01-Jun-15 08:36:57

Particularly of interest is page 12 and subsequent pages which give guidelines for prescribing. These include telling drs NOT to use SSRIs (ADs) as the first line treatment for vasomotor symptoms , the updates on risks of HRT on CVD and breast cancer, and the advice that drs should offer women a choice of tablets or transdermal HRT as a matter of course.

AuntieStella Mon 01-Jun-15 10:34:27

Item here:

pinkfrocks Mon 01-Jun-15 11:11:27

It's still a draft - under consultation process -and the final recommendations are due in October.

Bellaciao Mon 01-Jun-15 21:06:30

Guildelines also suggesting testosterone off licence for low libido!

pinkfrocks Wed 03-Jun-15 18:09:22

Here is the NICE link

See pages 10 and 11: These key points-

-Discuss the risks AND benefits of short term ( under 5 years) and long term treatment.
-Offer women tablets of transdermal HRT
-Do not give ADs (SSRIS) in place of HRT to women who do not have a clinical diagnosis of depression.

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