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HRT and migraine

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Euphemia Sun 24-May-15 06:17:57

Anyone had HRT worsen their migraines?

I've been on patches since March - three migraines yesterday and one already today. sad I normally get 1-2 per year.

I asked for patches as I'd read that they're less likely to cause migraines - do I need a lower dose?

GP closed tomorrow so I'll need to miss work on Tuesday to go - I can't go on like this! I had the same problem last year with anti-depressants: it seems I can't take anything these days without it triggering migraines! sad

Bellaciao Wed 27-May-15 20:29:23

What patches are you on Euphemia? Are they migraines with aura? I get migraines sometimes but not with aura and they normally last for 3 days. Sometimes it is with the progestogen component of HRT and sometimes in the progesterone withdrawal stage (like pms). Also sometimes when I mix alcohol and HRT eg wine late at night. I got bad migraines on Evorel due to the progestogen type - known as norethisterone.

Are you on cyclical HRT or continuous combined? If you are on conti HRT then you may be suffering from constant low-grade progestogenic side effects - eg the migraine, and might be better off either on a cyclical regime, or separate Oestrogen and a natural progesterone preparation (ie utrogestan) or both (as I am). To keep migraines to a minimum I am on a long cycle of oestrogen only patches and 12 days of progesterone in every 6-8 week cycle - which I use vaginally, also to minimise side effects.

Hope this helps.

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