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Prescribed Prempak-C and now feel even more despondent!

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itonlygetsbetter Wed 20-May-15 12:33:24

Have come back from second Dr's appointment in less than a week and have been prescribed Prempak-C. Have googled since coming home and now can't stop sobbing. Apparently old, cheap and made from horses urine.
I have been feeling so old, useless and worthless and for some reason this has tipped me over the edge - this is all I deserve!
Feel so stupid - should have gone to the appointment more prepared.
What do I do? Try them? Go back to Dr better informed?
Please help. If only to tell me to get a grip!

pinkfrocks Wed 20-May-15 13:25:46

I'm sure your GP hasn't done this 'on purpose' because it's old and cheap, but more likely they are not au fait with newer types.

Can you explain why you are not happy with this brand? (I'd not be, but want to hear you say why!)

If you want to try another type that is made from oestrogen more like that we have ourselves, then that is a valid point to make to your GP. You may not actually feel any different on this type to a newer type, but for me the decision would be based on safety - although this is not proven absolutely.

I think any patient has the right to challenge their dr about treatment- it's supposed to be a partnership, not the dr just dishing out what they think fit.
So anyone who thinks they would like to try a different/ better/ more modern/ safer drug for any condition has the right to ask.

I don't think there is any point trying what you've been given if you are anti-it anyway.

FozzieMK Wed 20-May-15 14:53:16

I took 3 months of Prempak C but when I returned to the GP for an update appointment I asked to change to Femoston because of ethical reasons (I wasn't told it was anything to do with horses). He quite happily prescribed Femoston without question. If you are unhappy you could go back and use the same reason smile.

DayLillie Wed 20-May-15 14:57:33

brew cake

Do what Fozzie says.

It is not you. It is the same whatever you try to do sometimes - never as straightforward as it should be wink

itonlygetsbetter Wed 20-May-15 16:34:28

Thank you all for your kind words and sound advice.
From what I have been able to read this afternoon it sounds as if the newer forms of HRT mimic more closely the hormones which are being replaced and that just seems to make a lot more sense surely. I may have completely missed the point but if there is a newer, more 'natural', safer and possibly more effective drug why are women being fobbed off like this?
I have calmed down a bit now - at the moment I feel as if I am on a knife edge. The whole world is out to get me don't you know. smile
I have nobody in RL to talk to - it seems like a taboo subject which nobody mentions.
Can you recommend the best websites or books that I could read to ensure I am better informed for future appointments?
Thank you.

pinkfrocks Wed 20-May-15 17:47:48

Menopause Matters website is quite good for info.

This book is worth readingAmazon

DayLillie Wed 20-May-15 18:13:27

I may have completely missed the point but if there is a newer, more 'natural', safer and possibly more effective drug why are women being fobbed off like this?

I expect for some GPs it is not their area of expertise. Added to that the scares/changes in how to prescribe which is changing again/being told to prescribe cheaper but effective medicines etc............. I have seen two doctors in my practice who seem encouraging and up to date, so stick to them. The first one I saw was not so good. New NICE guidelines are due later this year.

The Menopause Matters website has up to date information.

FozzieMK Thu 21-May-15 12:54:34

If you have a look at the Menopause Matters website as pinkfrock suggests, there is a breakdown cost of prescribed HRT. You will find that Prempak is the cheapest. The Menopause Matters Forum is a great place to get information and advice, it is really worth looking on there.

pinkfrocks Thu 21-May-15 15:19:15

Can I just add something in case people aren't aware? You can ask for a private prescription from a dr because sometimes the cost of the item is cheaper than the actual prescription cost.
So if your GP doesn't want to offer you a certain drug because of cost ( though the difference between most HRT is usually pence) as a last resort you can offer to pay for it. Not that you should have to, but it's worth knowing.
I pay for my own HRT and the cost per month is around £15 which I don't feel is extortionate.

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