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HRT and endometriosis

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Rarily Sun 10-May-15 20:56:03

Hi there
I've had nasty perimenopausal symptoms and would like to start HRT. However, I have endometriosis and GP was reluctant. Has anyone had experience of this?

Silvercatowner Sun 10-May-15 20:59:13

I had end and am now on HRT. I'm not entirely sure my doctor was aware of the end when he prescribed and it didn't occur to me to say anything. I'm still alive....

Silvercatowner Sun 10-May-15 20:59:32

Endo. Damn autocorrect.

pinkfrocks Mon 11-May-15 09:09:41

I've been told that recent scans have shown up old adenomyosis scars- like endo but worse! I've been on HRT for some time now and I do have bad period pains with each bleed, worse than before HRT (more like I had as a teen) but I put up with it because so far the benefits outweigh the day of discomfort. I think you need to decide how bad your endo is, and just try it. I don't think HRT is contra indicated in women with endo, because the dose of HRT is still lower than our normal pre meno hormone levels.

Rarily Mon 11-May-15 14:36:06

Thanks to both of you - I'm inclined to take the hormones too...

Bellaciao Tue 12-May-15 20:51:27

This is what is says on menopause matters about endometriosis and HRT:

"There is a small risk of reactivation of endometriosis with HRT use and any recurrence of symptoms should be reported. If a hysterectomy has been performed for endometriosis, the choice of HRT use thereafter should be influenced by the extent of endometriosis at the time of the operation. Since hysterectomy often causes a premature menopause, it is often advised to take HRT until the average age of the menopause; 51 years. HRT after hysterectomy usually consists of estrogen only. However, in the presence of endometriosis, estrogen may cause stimulation of residual deposits and consideration should be given to using continuous combined (estrogen plus daily progestogen) therapy, or tibolone, though little research has been done on the effect of different types and duration of therapy. Medical treatment of endometriosis often involves ovarian suppression which, along with ovarian removal, may increase the risk of osteoporosis."

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