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Prozac for Peri-meno

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Frostycake Wed 06-May-15 10:23:24

I finally went to see my GP last week to get HRT for peri-meno symptoms Ive had for the last two years (night sweats, brain fog, no libido, awful skin, lethargy etc.) and she said Im too young for hrt (47) so she prescribed Prozac (Im not depressed or anxious!)

She said that if i start HRT now, it will be ineffective by the time I hit the menopause at 52 as they can only prescribe for 5 years confused

Is it just me or is this a bit shit? I thought you could take HRT indefinitely.

pinkfrocks Wed 06-May-15 10:34:03

It it total shit.

Have a read of the website menopause matters and also look at the British Menopause Society website. They have a section on the menu called Consensus statements and it says very categorically that there is no time limit on length of HRT used. Also, taking HRT before the age of average menopause (52) doesn't 'count' in terms of risk / years on it. So ven if you took it for 5 years from now, you'd only start counting the risks at 52 onwards. And in any case, the BMS have said women can use if indefinitely if the benefits for that woman outweigh the risks.

Sorry I can't spend more time on this - bust working- but if you do some research on the sites I've mentioned then you have something to take to your dr as a starting point for discussions.

Frostycake Wed 06-May-15 11:30:51

Thanks Pinkfrocks - appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I just feel a bit stunned still to be given anti-depressants when I need hormones.

TheGingerTree Wed 06-May-15 12:57:42

She's talking rubbish. I am under a consultant gynaecogist who is genuinely concerned at the shocking level of ignorance displayed by many GPs over HRT.

She is also appalled at how GPs hand out ADs like sweets when women really need HRT.

I would seek a second opinion.

cashewnutty Thu 07-May-15 14:25:48

Blood tests have recently confirmed that i have the menopause. As i don't have hot flushes or night sweats and my main issue is mood swings my (female) GP prescribed me Prozac. She said HRT wouldn't be suitable. I took the Prozac for 5 days then had a recurring episode of another illness. I had a phone consultation and that GP (male) told me to stop the Prozac. I am going to see him on Monday and I hope he can find another solution for me as i am very reluctant to take AD's.

TheGingerTree Thu 07-May-15 20:34:35


I'm afraid your female GP is woefully ignorant about HRT. Why on Earth 'wouldn't it be suitable' to treat your mood swings? It's your low and/or fluctuating levels of oestrogen that is causing your mood swings.

So surely it makes perfect sense to provide your body with stable levels of oestrogen, yes?

My GP insisted I took ADs for my mood swings and anxiety. I stuck with them for over 6 months. All they did was make me gain 17lbs in weight. The mood swings did stop but only because I turned into a dreamy zombie. On and I still suffered random anxiety for 2 weeks out of every month.

Basically, they didn't work. And the reason they didn't work was because I had a hormonal problem.

Read up on Professor John Studd's website. He is the leading authority in the UK on PMS/menopause and hormone related anxiety and depression. He is extremely concerned at how ignorant GPs are dishing out ADs to women like sweets when what they really need is hormone therapy.

It's scandalous shock

MyCatIsAGit Fri 08-May-15 15:53:17

I'd strongly suggest you get a second opinion,

I'm 45 (been peri since late 30s) and I'm very happily being prescribed HRT - still having periods...well I wouldn't call them periods but I think they probably count.

Frostycake Fri 08-May-15 22:05:25

She told me to make an appointment in4 weeks for a review and if my symptoms persisted, she'd consider alternatives. Ive been on the Prozac for a week now and to be honest, I dont feel any diferent, apart from the fact that my appetite has increased and Im sleeping more. confused

The reason I went was because brain fog was interfering with my work! confused

Why is the advice from GPs so bad so often? This is up there with the time I went to see my GP to help with weightloss when I was 16 and he advised me to pick up some 'speed' 'on the street.' confused ... pretty sure he wasnt referring to running either.

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