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Easthamrita Wed 29-Apr-15 21:38:15

I was told two weeks ago I am going through the menopause, can't take HRT for medical reasons. So doctors left me to it. I read somewhere ginseng is good for fatigue I bought a one a day from Asda, also take one St. John wart for mood swings and Vogel meosan menopause support bought from health shop. One week later I feel so much better crashing fatigue gone! Brain fog headaches mood better I haven't felt this good in years, 90 percent back to normal. Also bought b12 and b6 from health shop not taken these yet as had a blood test for b12 deficiency will start them tomoz but don't think I will need them. The woman in shop said try thing one at a time so you know what's working for you as ginseng didn't work for her. I really hope this helps especially for fatigue.

DayLillie Fri 01-May-15 15:02:21

Yes she is right - you have to try one thing at a time and for a quite a while to see if it works for you. Menopausal symptoms come and go as well, making it difficult to tell.

Have you thought of keeping a symptoms diary, so that you see better what is going on?

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