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Taking a list of symptoms to the GP....

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menopausalmadam Mon 20-Apr-15 17:01:44

I posted this on 'General health' but thought I'd try here too.
I am pretty sure I am peri-menopause and/or have an under-active thyroid.
I have printed out checklists of all my symptoms to take to my doctor.
When asked "So, what can I do for you today?" I usually say " Oh, I'm fine, just wondering if............?"
I always downplay symptoms or completely forget to mention things that are probably relevant.
I go away feeling that the gp could have 'done more'
So, is taking a printed list of symptoms helpful, or does it just make the gp think that you are trying to do his job?

pinkfrocks Mon 20-Apr-15 17:47:42

I think I'd say 'Okay I need to talk to you about X (peri meno). Because I forget everything the minute I walk in here I've written a list- here goes.' Keep a sense of humour but also show you are serious.
I can't see how taking a reminder list and suggesting what may be wrong is doing the drs job- you are just taking responsibility for your health and being actively involved.

textfan Mon 20-Apr-15 17:49:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

menopausalmadam Tue 21-Apr-15 05:04:45

Thats how I get Text. I ramble when I'm nervous. So I think it make be difficult for the gp to pick out the relevant bits.
I will take a short list and stick to the facts.

menopausalmadam Tue 28-Apr-15 15:02:24

Just an up-date.
I took my 'list' of symptoms to the gp today and it turned out to be really helpful, He asked loads of questions, did some prodding around and had full blood work done.
He agrees that is probably peri with a possibility of an under-active thyroid and no he wasn't 'offended' that I had come so 'prepared'. Quite the opposite really.
I also asked for some tranexamic acid for my heavy periods and he gave me a 6 month supply.
I feel so relieved that I didn't have to fight and beg for someone to take me seriously.

Eliza22 Sat 02-May-15 16:45:58

Take a list. Saves so much time.

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