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gynae/period etc woes

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Flugdrachen Wed 08-Apr-15 11:33:22

I posted this is general health but as my GP thinks it is all age related maybe here would be better!

I'm 40 (4 dc youngest is nearly 4) & my periods are increasingly being awful - much shorter cycles than before (26 days they were over 30), heavier bleeding, bleeding lasting longer (proper bleeding for 7/8/9 days), loads of spotting at the end of a period & sometime before it starts too. And awful awful PMT.

2 years ago they did some investigations - including ca125 & a pelvic scan both were normal as was my smear & all the bloods. It was put down to an age/hormonal thing & I didn't do anything about it.

A couple of days ago I had some bleeding after sex - on cd10, proper period had stopped around cd7/8 - & went to the GP. She did a pelvic exam, took swabs & did a FBC in case I'm anaemic. She said cervix looks fine & she thinks the bleeding is from my period getting even longer. She's referred for another scan - I had a small fibroid last time & wanted to see if it has grown before thinking about doing anything about the bleeding. She didn't think I needed to be referred to colposcopy or anything.

Is this a normal age thing? I'm trying very hard to be sensible & not freak out that I have cancer (I have had IBS for 5 years & they did the ca125 2 years ago because of that).

(I think I just wanted to vent too!)

Flugdrachen Wed 08-Apr-15 11:38:22

dr said "lengthening of periods/shorteneing of cycles is normal once you get into your 40s & everything goes haywire!" ... I'm only just 40

DayLillie Wed 08-Apr-15 11:45:03


Shortening cycles and heavier bleeding (along with longer cycles and any sort of eratic bleeding confused ) are a feature of perimenopause. This is the time leading up to periods stopping. Perimenopause varies in length - can be a couple of years or 10 or more.

Have a look here. It is worth educating yourself as much as you can and this is a good place to start.

There are ways to deal with too much bleeding and fibroids, so don't think of it as something you have to put up with.

Happy reading! smile

pinkfrocks Wed 08-Apr-15 11:46:33

Okay- try not to panic.

What she ought to do is some blood tests- at least 2 in one month on day 3 then after day 14 for your hormone (FSH and LH) levels.

Your symptoms are more peri meno than anything sinister.

Flugdrachen Wed 08-Apr-15 12:06:51

Thank you both so much! I'm due to go back after the scan (I forgot to ask how long it would be!) ... so assuming it is okay as it was last time I should be thinking peri-menopause. Discuss the hormone tests with her & talk about doing something about the bleeding?

Some months I have proper heavy bleeding 8 days out of 26 and spotting for another week at least.

pinkfrocks Wed 08-Apr-15 12:09:42

Mirena coil might be worth trying for bleeding then you can add in oestrogen gel or a patch for the oestrogen part of HRT later if you want it.

Flugdrachen Wed 08-Apr-15 12:17:58

Pinkfrocks I was just about to ask if the merina might be suitable in this sort of situation

Flugdrachen Wed 08-Apr-15 12:19:34

... Sorry pressed send to soon ... & if I should add that to my list for the dr.

pinkfrocks Wed 08-Apr-15 12:21:16

yes smile

Flugdrachen Wed 08-Apr-15 12:32:08

thank you! Just need to get this blasted scan done now.

flugdrachen Wed 24-Jun-15 20:31:25

just thought I'd update as I've seen the gynae a couple of times.

ca125 was normal as was the pelvic ultrasound scan (no sign of fibroids, lining thin, ovaries normal) & the gynae examination. The gynaecologists' advice was to get a mirena put in but because I am 40* they wanted to do an endometrial biopsy which I had done today <it bloody hurt> ... I need to ring for results in two weeks.

So the saga continues.

(*apparently they recommend a biopsy in any woman >40 presenting with a change in bleeding - the dr I saw said she wasn't worried but they like to tick every box hmm )

pinkfrocks Thu 25-Jun-15 08:44:58

Glad you got sorted.

Your GP is I think a bit over zealous because reading other meno forums and my own experience ( with a consultant) they only do biopsies on women over 50 ish with bleeding post menopause and sometimes scan instead. they biopsied all women over 40 with irregular bleeding there'd be a queue the length of the country!

Just to help others reading- I've had 2 biopsies and didn't find painful.

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