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What to wear for these delightful night-sweats?

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pinkrocker Thu 18-Dec-14 21:58:54

What do you recommend I wear at night?
I usually sleep in the buff but the sweating buckets followed by shivering and freezing is making me feel rotten when I wake up.
Any ideas?

Jackie0 Thu 18-Dec-14 22:00:18

No ideas, but I'd be interested in anyone's advice too

pinkfrocks Thu 18-Dec-14 22:38:52

How old are you and what stage of meno are you at?

HRT is the only treatment that is proven to work. Any reason why you won't think about that?

Truckingalong Fri 19-Dec-14 06:25:40

Try a ladycare magnet. I've just posted in another thread about it. It's been a miracle worker for me. It may or may not work for you but it has got to be worth £20 to give it a try.

pinkrocker Fri 19-Dec-14 08:28:58

pinkfrocks (solidarity in names here!) I'm 40. It's been diagnosed that I'm in "peri" (?) or is it "pre" ?
I'm getting a mirena as doc thinks that will help me out at the start of this.

craftysewer Fri 19-Dec-14 08:31:21

I would suggest anything made of cotton. Not quite the same, but my dd bought me a cotton dressing gown and it's the best thing ever for when I have hot flushes. I can't stand my satin, velvet or terry ones now.

pinkrocker Fri 19-Dec-14 11:41:45

Yep - the terry ones I have are awful now! Cotton I shall look into. Thank you fsmile

LapsedPacifist Wed 24-Dec-14 01:32:18

Long cotton Victorian-style cleavage-revealing nighties, with lots of lace and frilly shit! Would substitute with silk if I were a rich bitch hmm. Used to keep a spare to hand near the bed for when I woke up for the inevitable small-hours pee and found myself dripping and soaked.

Started on HRT patches 2 months ago - Evorel Combi 50 (am 53 and 3 years since last period) and all these probs have seem to have magically disappeared. No achey joints either, ghastly electric-shock-stylee hot flushes/sweats reduced by 95%, far fewer loo visits overnight and skin and other bits more juicy and moist too blush.

GraysAnalogy Wed 24-Dec-14 01:38:25

I've tried everything but no matter what I end up stripping off. I'm not menopausal but have night sweats and have had them for years, I bloody hate them.

I have the window open, I can't sleep with a duvet anymore. Can't even bear to have DP hugging me.

VenusRising Tue 06-Jan-15 02:56:06

I got some huge men's vests and tee shirt vests from MnS and wear them.
Looks odd but they come in a three pack, so I don't feel bad taking one off, towelling off and getting another from under my pillow. I bung them the wash and hide them from my DH, or he'll wear them!

I found boots brand and menopace botanical tablets very good for it also.

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