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Periods in Perimenopause

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DayLillie Tue 02-Dec-14 20:15:58

When I was listening to the Woman's Hour programme on perimenopause, one of the doctors said that periods during peri got heavier and eratic. She said that you would 'miss' a period, then have a much heavier one the next time etc. I have heard/read this a lot, but it is not my experience!

I came off coc, where periods were controlled, had 5 months of nothing (not unusual I would think) then when they started back up, they quickly 'settled' to and unsettled 'pattern' of bleeding every 2-3 weeks. They were a lot heavier than on the pill which is to be expected, and I think and little less heavy after a year. Certainly no 'misses', unless you count going nearly 4 weeks.

I would say eratic in my case would mean not knowing how much I would bleed and when, but knowing it would be soon!

Is this other people's experience? And does it mean I am still in early peri and have loads left to come?

I am now taking hrt which gives me a week of sludgy bleeding every 28 days which is easier to live around.

Yours wearily
Fed up and 51.

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