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The age of your menopause - do you only know in hindsight?

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SwedishEdith Fri 21-Nov-14 18:41:09

I think I've read that if you've not had a period for a year then you're considered post menopausal? So if your last period was at 50 is your menopausal age 50, but you'll only know this when you're 51? If the average age of menopause is 52 does that mean someone last had a period at 51? I know it's more complex than that but I'm just curious.

pinkfrocks Fri 21-Nov-14 18:52:26

yes that's right.

You will never know except with hindsight!

I thought my last was at 53.5 but then had another couple of very light ones at 54.

8 out of 10 women are menopausal by 51-52, but 2 out of 10 go on later up to around 55.

SwedishEdith Fri 21-Nov-14 19:11:25


pinkfrocks Fri 21-Nov-14 19:18:57

Oh just one thing- no, if the average age is 51 then that means the last period was 51 ( not 52.) The stats are worked out with hindsight!

AlphaBravoHenryFoxtons Fri 21-Nov-14 19:22:57

You normally have a few other clues. Like the full beard. The rages over the previously just a bit irritating. And the quiltedness of your ribcage.

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