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Breast cysts.

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carolinecupcake Tue 11-Nov-14 06:46:04

I'm perimenopausal and have several cysts in one breast ,the largest of which is 2cm diameter.It's been recommended that I have fine needle aspiration as a precautionary measure. Has anyone had experience of this and is it anything to worry about? I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.

pinkfrocks Wed 12-Nov-14 12:02:38

maybe put this in the general health forum for more replies as it's not really meno issue?

carolinecupcake Wed 12-Nov-14 14:09:59

Thanks pinkfrock! Don't really know what I'm doing!!

Libra Wed 12-Nov-14 14:20:41

I had this done a few months ago and actually I was told that it was a menopausal side effect.
I went to the breast clinic, they gave me an X-ray (which was in my opinion the worst part) and then they used a scanner, like they do when you are pregnant, but on your breast. Then a needle was simply inserted and the liquid removed very quickly. The technician used the scan to guide her and we were able to see the liquid being sucked up by the needle.
They did not use anything to numb the breast beforehand, but I was surprised how painless it was. My husband, who was allowed in the room, was fascinated.
Then I had to hang around while they quickly checked that there was nothing worrying in the liquid they had removed, saw the consultant again, and went home.
Felt a bit sore for a few days and - sorry to say - I think that it has refilled so may have to have it done again. The consultant said that this might happen.

HowlyBabblyBansheeeeeee Wed 12-Nov-14 14:24:04

I had this several times with absolutely no ill effects. Minimal discomfort at the time. I got quite blasé about it and attended appointments alone.

Post menopause now and haven't had any since.

Try not to worry, it really is routine.

carolinecupcake Wed 12-Nov-14 16:25:40

Thanks for your replies and reassurance. I've posted this in general health as pinkfrock suggested.

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