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Perimenopause & spotting

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Halogoodbi Mon 10-Nov-14 05:57:12

I am 50, and I am in perimenopause, my periods have always been like clockwork up until about 2 years ago, when I had 3 major deaths in my family. I have had a lot of stress for many years, and the last 2 have been extremely stressful. Now my problem, I started spotting on & off for about 2 months, I came across Natures way Femaprin, and this got me back on track with my periods, that is until this past month, I am back to spotting I am on the 3rd week. I guess the Femaprin stopped working for me it was great for a year, now I am looking for some other over the counter pill I can take for this crazy spotting.

I have a couple questions. if I had something serious, could it mean nothing I take would stop the bleeding? I mean the Femaprin worked for over a year, then I am back to the same thing. A friend of mine said like all meds your body gets used to them, and maybe that happen with this. I am only spotting lightly not heavy some days not much other days it's every time I go to the bathroom. I am hoping if the next thing I try stops the spotting it will just mean it's normal, if it doesn't I am worried it's something serious. I hate going to the Dr. I haven't went much my whole life, and this constant spotting has me stressed out. I have emotional days I feel like I could explode, everything seems to set me off, I wake up sweating. I keep the a/c on 24/7. Some days I just feel like a crazy person, I have a hard time waking up, I am in a fog for a couple hours every day, like I can't wake up fully. Any help would be appreciated.

TanteRose Mon 10-Nov-14 06:20:28

you need to go to your GP - when you say you haven't been to the doctor's much your whole life, you have been for cervical screening, right?

it may well be nothing (I am 46 and have spotting before periods, which are a bit irregular these days, early perimeno, I think, but am due for a cervical screening next month so will ask my doctor then).

You can also ask for a hormone screening to see if you are maybe menopausal and then discuss how to process from there.

don't put it off - it will give you peace of mind and you can stop stressing about it smile

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