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Help - The Rage....

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Sonnet Tue 14-Oct-14 10:36:47

I am 47, still having regular periods BUT oh my the rage......

Can anyone please advise me on any supplements to take?

meglet Thu 16-Oct-14 20:39:59

I'm not sure if any supplements help really sad.

I feel slightly better if I get a bit of time to myself and some exercise in. Which I haven't had today <<rages>>.

Personally I'd be happy to be under house arrest 2-3 days a month.

Sonnet Fri 17-Oct-14 16:30:52

Thanks Meglet - feeling better today smile

MeAndMySpoon Tue 11-Nov-14 20:07:35

Just wanted to say, me too. I'm 41 and GP helpfully said 'well, we're all perimenopausal from about 21' which is NOT a help. My PMT, which used to be virtually non-existent, is now a murderous red roiling rage. Was so bad last month I honestly thought I was losing it, or had clinical depression, and now I have a mental health questionnaire to fill in to get 'talking therapy' - which is very good, but I only really feel like that one week our of about 3.5! grin

Sodding periods are shortening too. Ovulation now makes my whole pelvic area tender until I start bleeding, and my periods start in a funny way, as well.

House arrest for a few days a month also a necessity here, Meglet.

ChillySundays Tue 11-Nov-14 21:55:31

I have the DEPO injection so no periods so can't tell if I am perimenopausal but have other symptons.

But oh my the rage! When you read in the national paper wife stabs husband for not folding the tea towels you will know my real name. Grumpy old women have nothing on me.

Have no idea how to deal with it

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