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wellsprings serenity cream

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Hullygully Tue 29-Apr-14 09:02:15

Anyone used this?


ssd Tue 29-Apr-14 09:05:04

god hully there are days I'd drink it if it worked grin

murder isnt it

FuckyNell Tue 29-Apr-14 09:10:46

Wasn't sure what it was so googled and this old thread came up

Hullygully Tue 29-Apr-14 09:47:10

ssd yeah but do you use it, man?

Hullygully Tue 29-Apr-14 09:54:41

Thanks for the link to the other thread.

I am now more confused than ever.

FuckyNell Tue 29-Apr-14 14:56:13

Ha ha. Do you use hrt?

Hullygully Tue 29-Apr-14 16:30:41

No, don't want that. Family is riddled with all the wrong things for that.

ssd Tue 29-Apr-14 19:37:01

no, I dont use but but am all for a try at serenity!

ssd Tue 29-Apr-14 19:41:13

going by that link hully, its worth a try

MrsMcEnroe Tue 29-Apr-14 19:44:05

My MIL uses it (and has been trying to persuade me to use it for years). She is 66 but looks a decade (or more) younger, has fantastic dewy skin, bright eyes, flexible un-achy joints, doesn't suffer from hot flushes or any other post-menopausal symptoms. She used to take HRT but was told to stop a few years ago.

FuckyNell Wed 30-Apr-14 08:56:50

Here's a link about progesterone only you might be interested in,24460.0.html

Ravenstorm Wed 28-Oct-15 19:26:00

Soooo, , I decided to buy Wellsprings Serenity Cream, it was because of the horrible furnace raging inside me, at work, in my social life and in bed at night, yep, night sweats, I wanted a natural answer and so read up on this serenity cream. I'm 52 and in the peri menopause, I get mother nature every once in a blue moon, just when I think she is done with me. I ordered the cream, £17.00, it arrived today,smaller pot that I thought, but you only need a 1/4 teaspoon. I read the instructions and decided to do a bit of a blog type thing. So rubbed a 1/4 teaspoon on my wrist tonight. So far so good, I get between one or two flushes every couple of hours, not nice. So Ill let you know, I don't do lies, so Ill let you know, it is expensive, but if it works, it is day one, so lets see................thlwink

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