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2 years post menopausal bleeding urgent referral to gyny someone tell me it's ok?

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trace2 Wed 16-Apr-14 18:39:05

Been today to gyny had trans vaginal scan , scan seen 3 different doctors at hospital had a hyteroscopy biopsy told my womb is way to thick ! I was not scared but now I am please tell me others had this but ok?

SkivingAgain Thu 17-Apr-14 17:44:12

Hi trace, please can I join you? I've been for biopsy today and told womb lining too thick. Will get results in two weeks.

trace2 Thu 17-Apr-14 18:56:30

Hi ski course you can we can so port each other as none else seems to know ! How old are you and what's been hopping with you ?

trace2 Thu 17-Apr-14 18:58:18

Support each other I mean . I've been told it can take 5 weeks to get full results back

SkivingAgain Thu 17-Apr-14 19:15:00

I've been told that I'll have an appointment in two weeks to discuss results. I'm 51 and had some post menopause bleeding. Cervical smear is clear (good) ovaries have shrunk to invisible (apparently that's good!), some erosion at neck of womb (normal apparently) but thickened womb lining - should be no more than 4mm but is 10.4mm. What's your story?

friendlymum67 Sat 19-Apr-14 17:39:38

Ladies, can I join you? I am 46, no periods for 15 months until last October then had a bleed for 6 weeks confused . Wasn't unduly concerned but dutifully visited my GP, referred for internal scan, GP rang me that evening(!) to say lining of womb 11mm and that was cause for concern.

Have an appt at gynae clinic on Wed 23rd - for hysteroscopy? I am terrified, not just of what the thickening may indicate, but the whole procedure! Really, really hate any gynae procedures, (like most women I guess) but find it all so invasive and embarrassing! Also very concerned what may be suggested to treat it.

SkivingAgain Sat 19-Apr-14 19:31:23

Hi friendly, the procedure is just uncomfortable (and undignified). Try not to worry, could be polyps or fibroids. Even the worse case scenario could probably be cured with a hysterectomy, and I know loads of women who've had one.

friendlymum67 Sat 19-Apr-14 21:35:15

Thanks Skiving - I know no fibroids or polyps showed on scan, it's the thickening that has meant the referral.

How long does the procedure take?? Hysterectomy terrifies me as I am a single parent and a hospital stay would be a logistical nightmare, but I must try not to get ahead of myself!

SkivingAgain Sat 19-Apr-14 22:42:13

The procedure took about 15 minutes. Unpleasant, but not very painful. Hopefully there will be a non-surgical solution for you. I've read online about a hormone (progesterone if I remember correctly) that you take for a while. Then when you stop you have the mother of all periods, clearing all the lining off.

trace2 Mon 21-Apr-14 22:11:17

Hi sorry not been on kids off school it's a nightmare! Well am 48 went through menapause 2 years ago started spotting 7 weeks ago now not a lot but happened every few days for 5 weeks took 3 weeks to get in gp then when I got a appointment with in a few days, they said no polyps and just said was thicker than recommendations ! And they gave me an appointment before I left for 6 weeks as they said could take 5 weeks for full tests to come back? So am thinking if they do find anything will they ring me? Or is it good news? I keep telling myself I would have lost weight if it's anything else ! Hi friendlymum ! Did you only wait 2 weeks for appointment seems a long time before gyny?

friendlymum67 Wed 23-Apr-14 17:35:59

Hi Ladies, well went for gynae appt today. Didn't have a hysteroscopy but they attempted a endometrial pipelle biopsy (sp?) but my cervix was having none of it and they couldn't get the sample needed. Consultant said next step was hysteroscopy under GA sad shock. At this point I cried! blush

Consultant was lovely and gave me time to think about what to do, tho options are limited and to cut a long story short, my mum who was with me has offered to pay for me to have it done privately.

I am absolutely terrified!! Worrying about the kids, the GA, the procedure itself and just to add to it, she recommended a Mirena coil, which I really, really don't want!!

trace2 Wed 23-Apr-14 19:56:46

Hi friendlymum I have had one done under GA too a few years ago was fine and was a day case! Have they said why they think you need coil if you not had anything for 15 months? Sorry a bit confused with it all did you go through menapause ? Am here if you need to chat xx

friendlymum67 Wed 23-Apr-14 21:41:14

Trace - I am confused too!! The consultant seems to think I am going thro menopause but not out the other side yet?? 15 months with no periods and then a bleed obviously triggers alarm bells, coupled with the womb lining thickening.

Consultant said coil would/should/could prevent future thickening of the womb wall?? I have not read many good mirena coil experiences!!

trace2 Wed 23-Apr-14 22:03:16

I bet you are ! You sound like me I've gone just 2 years with out before that I bled for 12 weeks made me ill that's when they did my other test and found I had thicker womb too but not this thick gave me medication to stop the bleeding but I never bleed again after until 7 weeks ago! If they offer me coil it will be a no too ! Have they said how you it will be before the test ?

WhisperingPea Fri 25-Apr-14 15:53:13

Friendlymum, I had the Mirena coil fitted 6 months ago for heavy periods and it's been fine, no problems at all. The heavy, soak everything, periods have stopped and I feel good. Our GP practice nurse has had one for 4 years and likes it too. Some people like it, some don't - you can always try it and get it removed if you don't get on with it.

friendlymum67 Fri 25-Apr-14 16:07:33

Trace - procedure provisionally booked for 12th June, but I am confused as to what will happen, aside from the biopsy of the lining, what will be done to reduce the uterine wall thickening.

Whispering thanks for your input, the issue I have is I don't have heavy periods, never have done. It was the thickening of the uterus wall that initiated the gynae referral but that seems to be linked with the fact that I am peri-menopausal and my periods have all but stopped, apart from the bleed last October confused.

trace2 Fri 25-Apr-14 17:13:52

Friendlymum as same as you wondering what's going to happen? I have heard they can give tou cream! Injection, or tablets or maybe even offer hysterectomy. I can not understand why the doc said you not gone through menopause when you didn't have period for over a year, maybe because your young but so am I (well young ish) . I would ask for second option if that is the case? Am going out of my mind with worrying about all this trying not to google xx

trace2 Fri 25-Apr-14 17:15:25

And why as it took so long from October to be seen it's should have been two weeks wait?

friendlymum67 Fri 25-Apr-14 17:49:15

Trace, it is a nightmare isn't it! Apparently if under 50 you have to have 2 years clear of periods before it's classed as menoapause - I'm 47 this year.

Re my wait - good question, am guessing that I wasn't considered urgent - which is a good thing?! Scan was in January, then clinic appt offered with 2 days notice in March, which I couldn't make and then other appts cancelled once by myself and once by hospital.

Googling is not helpful but I can't stop myself doing it either!! How are you feeling now? When is your appt to go back?

trace2 Fri 25-Apr-14 18:02:39

No it's a year even under 50 they told me this when I went I have only just gone two years ! when I went I was telling them it's only a little not bothered me but they said it's not normal to bleed I just took it in my stride until I was rushed through all tests same day seeing diffrent docs , I even watched on monitor what was happening I didn't see anything obvious ! But then I don't know what am looking for? They just told me it's thickness is over 5mm ? I don't go back till end may and am on holiday so made week after in June so carnt be urgent.

trace2 Fri 25-Apr-14 18:04:36

And I not bled since if had the tests have you had any bleed since October ?

marlena1211 Fri 25-Apr-14 19:45:21

hi all i can join you as i have just had the same thing, about 2 months bleeding non stop and not just a little either.
have gone through vaginal ultrasound, hysteroscopy and consultation.
also very thick endometrium, the technician said had never seen the like.
before about 6 months ago had hormones tests done.
Not normal, too much oestradiol and next to no progesterone.
asked gp if it was a cancer risk and she admitted as if was having tooth pulled rthat yes it was...then shrugged it off "but lots of people live with a cancer risk!"
can u believe it, and when i asked for progesterone cream or referral to meno clinic she cut me off and flatly refused!
and here i was at hosp going through proper cancer scare, don't u feel like punching some of these cretinous gp honestly.

marlena1211 Fri 25-Apr-14 20:09:36

so from my own research this is what i gathered:

Too thick endometrium means that the body has been producing too much oestrogens without the countercheck of producing progesterone.
Oestrogen makes the cells multiply and the tissues expand and the endometrium thicken.
it means the ovaries are functioning and producing the hormones of the 1st part of ovulation cycle- but no ovulation takes place and the progesterone normally dependent on an egg being released is not there.

this can happen over several cycle but no periods to shed the thickening lining.

too much oestrogen for too long is a cancer risk

sorry but this is the truth obviously bl***dy doctors hide it.I mean cancer of the endometrium.
but too much oestrogens is also a breast cancer risk.

moreover if the womb lining is too thick it is impossible to see exactly what is inside, or inside the womb muscle so if you are told you have no polyps/fibroids/tumour this is a lie as in reality it is impossible to find out until the lining of the womb has gone down.

of women who have too thick an endometrium if left unchecked eventually one in three (one third) will get cancer.

however the key words are if left unchecked.

It doesn't happen overnight,it goes in a sequence like this:

too much oestro + too little progesterone (= hyperoestrogenia) ->
lining of the womb thickening unstoppably -----> after a while some cells might become abnormal ------> after another while those cells will turn cancerous.

it is very easy to stop the process by administering progesterone one way or another, this will immediately stop the growing.

ideally and if these doctors were anything like real doctors they'd give some progesterone or a way to rebalance hormones at the first stage i.e. when the hormonal blood test comes back screwed up but they cannot be bothered.
they take a chance because often nothing much happens.
the body stops producing hormones altogether and the womb shrinks by itself.

the hysteroscopy/biopsy is done in order to ascertain whether abnormal cells or cancerous cells are already there or not.

if the womb is cancerous they often can tell just by looking at it on the screen.However they need a biopsy just in case it is only starting.

after that i don't know whether they have the same procedure for everyone or if it varies from clinic to clinic.

I was told i didn't have any abnormalities and my womb had come back to normal size and that was that.

not even a single mention of the c word, nor of the risk i went through, not what should have been done MONTHS ago etc,no prevention treatment, no explanations NOTHING

I didn't even get to talk to a doctor only a nurse.

no need to tell u u must realise i am furious imo they are taking the p*
i could swear the other c word until the cows come home. actually.

trace2 Fri 25-Apr-14 20:13:23

Welcome Marlena a sorry your going through this too, how old are you? And how did you manage to get to gyny in end? We can all support each other xxx

trace2 Fri 25-Apr-14 20:16:09

And when did you last have af?

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