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Novasure & Menapause

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SMREVER Thu 20-Mar-14 04:11:23

Hello ~ When I was 30 I had one of the first Novasure procedures. It was a 100% success. It completely eliminated my menstrual cycles and all symptoms associated with my normal cycle. The procedure was in 2000. I'm now 44 and fear I'm entering menopause. I have hot flashes all the time, night sweats, rapid heart rate low blood pressure, headaches, muscle cramps in my legs and I feel tired, crabby an overwhelmed. It's like total doom and gloom and that's not my style at all. Is it possible I'm going through menopause at 44? UGH.....I'm not prepared for this nor do I want to go through it!! I talked to my mom and of course her generation never had any symptoms, they just managed. This sounds crazy to me. Is it like everything else in life....just deal with it? How long does this last? My entire body feels different; I'd much rather be pregnant two more times then go through this. Has anyone else had the Novasure procedure? Has anyone had a good experience going through menopause? Thanks. Stephanie

1966gettingold Fri 21-Mar-14 21:25:13

Go to a forum called menopausematters great advice, and yes your symptons are normal I feel like I am going mad sometimes with this perimeno stuff.

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