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Has your daughter's cycle changed yours?

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xyx Thu 06-Mar-14 13:33:25

I'm referring to women in the same family having their periods at the same time.

My daughter hasn't started yet and I'm wondering whether anything will change for me when she does. I'm 45 and have been getting light, further apart, irregular periods for 2 years now. I reckon I've got all the horrible peri meno symptoms going, apart from the really bad sweats and flooding. Has anyone noticed their periods coming back once their daughter starts? Hope she's not going to be as moody as I am now!

Also, any ideas out there for over the counter things I could take? My go says hrt is more for people with heavy periods and night sweats rather than for the mood swings, aches, tiredness, thin hair that I've got.

Thanks, everyone smile

jaffacakesallround Fri 07-Mar-14 16:02:54

go= dr?

HRT is for anyone with meno symptoms- you don't differentiate between a mood swing and a sweat. I get so cross when GPs talk out their arses and so does my consultant because he sees women all the time who have been given incorrect advice by Gps Grrrrrrr.

You can't bank on having regular periods once your DD begins hers. Sometimes women find their periods synchronise with other women in the family but having a younger DD is not going to make you fertile again.

xyx Fri 07-Mar-14 17:44:15

Thanks for reply, yes 'go' is dr!
So much info on here says hrt is fine for the under 60s - why are some gp's saying different? It is all so frustrating.

jaffacakesallround Fri 07-Mar-14 19:32:08

Probably because they did half a day's lecture on meno at med school and haven't bothered to keep up to date.

Go over to the Menopause Matters website and read everything there by consultants on HRT.

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