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Perimenopausal with a normal FHS?

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fidelma Fri 28-Feb-14 23:58:03

My FHS reading on day 3 was normal,however I have most of the perimenopausal symptoms. Anyone got any experience of this?

lovelymumof4 Sat 01-Mar-14 08:06:07

Yes i have Fidelma. My most recent FSH in January was 20, yet back in September it was 5.5. So it had swung from being normal to really high in just a few months! Both my doctor and infertility nurse said this can sometimes happen in early perimenopause as the hormones are going crazy. They can fluctuate wildly from cycle to cycle. So one normal FSH reading isn't always accurate. Doctors will generally advise testing again at the start of another cycle if the women is experiencing perimenopausal symptoms. I'm going to get tested again at the start of my March cycle. This past year or so my FSH has been up and down. These are my results: 19, 8, 10, 11.3, 5.5 and my latest 20. So as you can see my FSH has fluctuated rather a lot! If i were you i would ask to be retested. Was it just your FSH that was measured or other hormones as well do you know ? I just ask as sometimes LH and E2 hormone can be raised on cycle day 3 due to perimenopause or an ovarian cyst. If E2 is raised it can push down the FSH making it appear normal. Cysts can throw out large amounts of estrogen (E2) making the E2 level high. Cysts are common in perimenopause. I think this is what happened to me when i got my low 5.5 FSH reading. A scan showed that i had a few cysts on my ovaries so my body was making loads of the E2, pushing my FSH down so it appeared normal. I know this must all sound very complicated! It might be that you are not perimenopausal and that is why your FSH is in the normal range. As you are having lots of peri symptoms though i would say you are similar to me, your FSH will probably flutuate from cycle to cycle, or stay normal for a few months and then go crazy.I'm told that i'm borderline peri and that hormonal fluctuations are common during this transition time.

fidelma Sat 01-Mar-14 09:07:08

I had a reading of 5.5 but I have almost ALL of the symptoms! However on day 3 this month I felt normal iykwim I felt better than I had for months.
I have 4dc breast fed for 9 years (gulp) my acupuncturist thinks it's my hormones and so do I. My symptoms are quite severe. I really want some help.

fidelma Sat 01-Mar-14 09:07:44

Are you on any hrt? What are your symptoms?

lovelymumof4 Sat 01-Mar-14 09:18:45

Iv'e been prescribed HRT just a couple of weeks ago although i haven't started it yet. I am 38, almost 39. I have many peri symptoms, here goes: mood swings, tearfulness, anxiety, heart palpitations, night sweats, IBS, irregular periods, dry skin and dry frizzy hair, vaginal dryness and forgetfulness. So just about everything!!! How old is your youngest child ? I have 4, although didn't breastfeed, couldn't produce enough milk. My peri symptoms began when my youngest was 2 and a half. I was 34 at the time.

lovelymumof4 Sat 01-Mar-14 09:22:57

Strangely i have felt a bit better this month, so similar to you! My doctor says this can happen though in peri, you can have months where your body and mind can feel 'normal'. The menopause is the shittiest thing ever! I never thought it would be as bad as this and i never expected it at my age either!!

lovelymumof4 Sat 01-Mar-14 09:26:55

Please feel free to private message me anytime if you would like a more in depth chat. You sound so much like me in your symptoms, would be good to share.

fidelma Sat 01-Mar-14 12:17:15

Yes I will.
It's a horrible time. I will message you shortly my iPad is just charging. It will be great to share. My youngest is 4. X

fidelma Sat 01-Mar-14 20:29:17

How do I send a PM?

lovelymumof4 Sat 01-Mar-14 21:03:04

Click on the part which says message poster on the blue bar where your username is x

fidelma Mon 03-Mar-14 22:11:01

I can't seem to do it on my phone. Will just talk here.
I am very scared that my symptoms are something else. They have ruled out MS and lupus!!!!
Today I have been through a range of symptoms. Feeling ok, to poorly, aches and pains, fatigue, ok again, crawly skin. It's so crazy. I actually wish it was confirmed menopause as I could get some help.
I am seeing a rheumatologist A week on Wednesday to explain my weakly positive rheumatoid factor.
How are you?

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