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Anyone taking Prempak C ?

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Littlemissnutmeg Sun 16-Feb-14 20:41:45

I'm 38, having lots of menopausal symptoms and have been diagnosed recently as being in perimenopause. My doctor prescribed me Prempak C a few days ago. What's your experiences with it ? x

FuckyNell Sun 16-Feb-14 22:44:32

I had a very good experience. Felt great within a few days. Sore breasts for a month or so, a few flushes around period time but overall very positive smile

Littlemissnutmeg Mon 17-Feb-14 18:48:33

A few people have said it has made them feel quite poorly and others say they have put on weight. I do not want to put on anymore weight! Struggling to get rid of the few extra pounds i do have! I'm having night sweats, anxiety, panic attacks, vaginal dryness and horrible mood swings. Will Prempak sort this out ? I'm hoping it makes my hair less dry and brittle and i sooo want bigger breasts!!

FuckyNell Mon 17-Feb-14 23:18:22

It made everything better for me. Hair, nails stronger.

I guess I'm not a sensitive type because I didn't have any side effects. How were you on the pill if you took it?

Lets just say I didn't realise how sad id been feeling and really quite rough until I started being me again smile

Give it a go!

FuckyNell Mon 17-Feb-14 23:28:45

Menopause causes women to put weight on around the Middle, not hrt. Apparantly ;)

Littlemissnutmeg Wed 19-Feb-14 20:48:09

I did take the combined Pill many years ago and never got on with it. It caused me mood swings, nausea and monthly bouts of vaginal thrush. I'm told HRT is a lower dose than the Pill, so i might be ok. I do feel really rough much of the time but i'm kind of scared to try it and i know it sounds silly, but i feel old and dried up having to take HRT! I always imagined my menopause would start around the normal age, mid to late 40s or later. I kind of have a 'mental block' about taking it because of my age. Also, had been trying to get pregnant for year and a half and although i realise now that i can't conceive again ever, at the back of my mind i was thinking, what if i did get pregnant or could and the HRT mucked up my chances. Decisions, decisions.

FuckyNell Wed 19-Feb-14 21:41:36

Yes I felt that way too. I'm 42 and started at 39.

Nothing like a bit of vaginal atrophy to make you feel even older though grin

Really, you can but try with the hrt eh? And anyway, you are only replacing what should already be there.

Check out

Littlemissnutmeg Wed 19-Feb-14 22:15:24

I'm told that HRT doesn't work like the Pill, in that it doesn't prevent pregnancy. Hell, once those hormones get pumping through my body again i may even concieve! I guess i have to have some good eggs left to get pregnant though, perhaps the added estrogen might 'encourage' a good egg to pop out! Oh god, the vadge dryness is the pits, makes me feel like i'm 70!! It's crap isn't it that we started so bloody young! x

FuckyNell Wed 19-Feb-14 22:51:27

Replens is your friend smile

Littlemissnutmeg Thu 20-Feb-14 00:03:02

I have been using that and then someone said on the infertility board that it kills sperm! Arrrgh! Guess i do just need to get my butt into gear and start the HRT x

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