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Anyone else had these symptoms

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mrsmobbs Mon 26-Aug-13 12:29:29

Hi have been menopausal for years now with really horrendous hot flushes. Last week there was a day when the flushes were non stop, I mean one after the other, the next day I got period like pains, but no period, have not had one for years as still have mirena fitted, doc said to leave it until 55, I am 54 now, since then flushes seem to have nearly gone, but I still have pains along with feeling sick and strangely now feel a bit cold instead, wondered if this was a sign that menopause was near end.

binger Mon 26-Aug-13 12:52:14

Hi I'm 43 and on hrt. I still had periods but sometimes 3 months apart. Because I was having constant hot flushes my bloods were tested and it was confirmed I was we'll into menopause. I would always feel cold and lethargic (when not having flushes of course) and regularly had a queasy feeling but I ave acid reflux so don't know I it was just that.

Go to gp and get it confirmed either way. I still don't sleep great but feel much better in myself. Get your bloods tested and take it from there.

missbopeep Mon 26-Aug-13 15:37:32

The 'menopause' never endssmile menopause is the state your body is in forever , until you die, after your final period. The peri menopause is the stage when your fertility declines until you have a final period.

From what you describe it sounds as if you had a hormonal 'blip' when you oestrogen levels rose, and without the coil you might have had a period. These 'phantom' periods ( pains and PMT with no bleeding) are common during peri menopause. It would also explain why you had some relief from the flushes when your oestrogen levels rose a little.

TBH no one knows how long their symptoms will last after a final period. My mum still has hot flushes in her 80s and my gynae says some women never get rid of them- a friend of a friend has gone back onto HRT in her 70s as she was unable to stand her flushes and poor sleep. The idea that it'll all be over by 55 is a nonsense for most women except a minority.
So- no real answer but you'll have to wait and see!

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