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Change in menstrual cycle and flow?

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Weelady77 Mon 19-Aug-13 08:51:02

I'm due to get blood tests to test me for premenapause and thyroid,

Normally my period starts with a bit blood next day I'm extremely heavy with clots this last about 24 hours then it eases off for the next 5 days with a thick browny blood! Been like that for years

This month I started couple of days light blood then next day very heavy not as many clots then the browny stuff but when wiping myself there's been pinky blood
My period was at the very tail end Friday (had sex Friday night everything ok) no bleeding Saturday, yesterday I had pink pants on went to toilet and thought I had been very lightly bleeding but when I wiped nothing so thought maybe it was just a bit dishcharge that made my knickers go darker pink! Had sex last night and he was covered in mucasy blood (sorry tmi) so was I went to toilet and few teaspoons of blood came out, went to bed with sanitary towel on nothing on it when I go up but when I'm wiping its light pink blood quite mucasy,

Do you think I should mention to the doctor is it the flow or actual cycle that changes??

Any help would be great!

valiumredhead Mon 19-Aug-13 08:59:39

Ime everything is changing! It's like being a teenager again and going through pubertyhmm

Worth mentioning to the gp to put your mind at restsmile

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