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Menopause and Nexplanon?

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missnevermind Sun 11-Aug-13 00:38:24

If I have no periods because of my Nexplanon implant, how can I be sure the way I am feeling is (peri?) menopausal?

I am getting hot flushes, but no night sweats.
Dizziness and spots before my eyes with the flushes
Aching joints.
Dodgy Digestion. This is the thing that is killing me at the moment. Daren't eat while not at home.

I am 42. My youngest is 2 and I stopped breastfeeding about a year ago.
Over Christmas I started a bleed which lasted 6 weeks. It was investigated and no cause found - blood tests and internal and external ultrasound.

The digestion thing I also had last year and lasted a few months then just went away.

I am also having tests for sleep apnoea so have put a lot of things down to that.
Mood swings
Constant tiredness
Lack of coordination and a couple of falls.

Information overload I know but I am trying to think of everything.

I didn't even know there was a menopause topic shock
Its not as though I am getting old or anything grin

Missbopeep Sun 11-Aug-13 09:03:36

The trouble with implants like this is you never know if the symptoms are caused/related to it or something else.

The short answer is you won't know unless you have it removed.

There could be other reasons such as thyroid issues.

A single blood test is useless- they need to do at least 2 in one month and ideally repeat this over a few months.
Would you consider using another method of contraception?

missnevermind Mon 12-Aug-13 06:28:07

Hi Missbopeep.
The trouble is I like my implant, I get on with it really well and love the no periods side of it.

The plan with my nurse was, I would have this one - about 18 months left on it. Replace it when the time is up, but then at the end of that 3 years would probably be at the beginning of the menopause anyway.

It may have sneaked up on me faster than expected grin

I don't like the thought of an IUD - cross my legs every time I think of it.
Because of my weight and stroke issues they will not prescribe the pill.
I am too old for condoms blush All that scrabbling around in the dark is for teenagers grin

Missbopeep Mon 12-Aug-13 16:22:47

42 plus another 4.5 years does not = menopause age.
Average age in UK is 52.

What are your stroke issues?

If you are overweight are you doing anything about that?

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