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Endometrial ablation

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pinkypinky Sat 10-Aug-13 03:56:21

Hi, I have fibriods and heavy bleeding. Can you have Endometrial ablation if you have fibroids?

carabos Tue 13-Aug-13 08:30:27

I did. It didn't work. Fibroids are still there / have grown back. Womb lining looks "normal" on ultrasound (aside from the fibroids) which isn't what would be expected after EA.

I had the microwave EA (three years ago).

Dayt Sun 18-Aug-13 20:41:59

I have been offered endometrial ablation using Novasure in response to heavy bleeding. Anyone had this procedure? How did it go, what problems if any did you encounter? My gyney is evangelical about it.

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