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After 2 years of sucessfully taking HRT.......

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SpringyReframed Mon 05-Aug-13 22:35:01

It seems not to be working properly. Is this usual after such a long time? I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

I have had very painful breasts recently and they keep getting larger! (just like when first pregnant) and I suffered that all through my early 40's. I'm now 54.

I stopped taking my Elleste Duet Conti a week ago and the breast pain has stopped. I've made an appointment with my Dr for next week.

Is he likely to just change type of tablet? I have a strong risk of Osteoporosis (genetic) and I have felt great up to now but cannot live with the breast thing!

Missbopeep Tue 06-Aug-13 10:23:07

It's not usual so something's up!

Is the type you are taking one where you take each hormone every day and have no bleeds?

If so it could well be the progestins that are making your breasts sore.

One option would be to separate out the 2 hormones as different products. Pills are not the best or safest type of HRT due to the side effects as you need a higher dose because so much of the product is lost as it is processed by the liver, and pills have a higher risk of blood clots. My dr's view is that topical oestrogen such as patches or gel is better.

You might like to discuss changing what you use and going for a patch plus a progestin for part of the month which would give you a withdrawal bleed. There is some evidence that natural progestins such as Utrogestan have fewer side effects ( possibly less breast cancer risk) and that keeping the progestins down to a minimum ( not taking every day) might also be better in this respect.

SpringyReframed Tue 06-Aug-13 18:58:48

Yes they are the continuous ones so no bleed. I had uterine ablation about 5 years ago so I am not sure whether that is why my doctor gave me that type?

Thanks for replying. I will see what he has to say on Monday. I got on so well with them up to now. I am feeling pretty crap having stopped taking them but not as bad as the sore breasts were making me feel!

Missbopeep Tue 06-Aug-13 21:00:09

Maybe ask him why he gave you that type?
Some drs go with the 'rules' which is 2 years or more and no periods or over aged 54 and then a no-bleed prep. This is not hard and fast though and I know women who are 60 who have the sequential sort and have a bi-monthly bleed ( long cycle HRT) though this is usually prescribed by a specialist gynae as most GPs are not aware of all the possible variations with HRT.

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