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Caffeine elimination/reduction - blinding result for perimenopausal anxiety and panic!

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equinox Wed 10-Jul-13 06:18:05

Hello all you fine ladies.

I just wanted to share with you my breakthrough result concerning anxiety panic and emotional pain in the chest. I am 49 and knew the issues were perimenopausal.

I have had these symptoms since October of last year and as I knew there was nothing the GP could do I have attempted to solve it myself to no avail until only last week!

I finally cut down on tea drinking which I adore from 7 to 1 1/2 cups daily I just have a cup at breakfast and half a cup at lunchtime now so as not to feel too deprived and decaff coffee the rest of the time. The detox symptoms the first 4 days leave a bit to be desired so best to take it slow and drink plenty of water to alleviate the nausea, headaches and feeling shattered etc.

I can honestly say the perimenopausal symptoms went within 48 hours of caffeine reduction it was incredible I have felt so relieved and impressed it is unbelievable what havoc we bring to our systems through toxins isn't it!

I do hope sharing this will help some of you out there who have also been suffering. I do still take the full dose of Kalms tablets as a safeguard as there may be a small residual bit of anxiety there but really very little.

I am also noticing I have increased energy and feel 'cleaner'!


lilolilmanchester Wed 10-Jul-13 17:53:12

will give it a go, thanks for the suggestion!

equinox Thu 11-Jul-13 08:32:28

You are welcome it has enormously improved the quality of my life!

Bellaciao Tue 23-Jul-13 21:49:09

Great to see someone dealing with anxiety through other means than taking the ADs the doctors are so willing to prescribe to menopausal women in your situation equinox!

guineapiglet Mon 29-Jul-13 20:54:01

Thanks for this i have terrible anxiety at times, chest pain etc. I only have one strong cup of milky coffee per day and only drink redbush tea, 4-6 cups a day. Did you just cut these drinks out and replace with water or other juices etc?

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Mon 29-Jul-13 20:58:28

Just to say to anyone suffering the dreaded hot flushes: Menoforce sage tablets have completely solved this for me.

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