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is it menopause related?

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babyjane67 Thu 04-Jul-13 11:33:55

hi all
I did start a thread here a couple of months ago but cant find it sorry!
im just turned46&had my last dd5yrs ago
my periods are still regular&i haven't missed any as yet but5times now(but not consecutively)ive started bleeding a bit a week after periods finished&the last time it started a week later then exactly a week later again!
it can last a day,just a few hrs or just on wiping myself then go again
also this last period which is just ending now,was bit different in that im usually heavier&get more pain dragging etc on the2nd day but this time it didn't happen til my4th day&the dragging aching feeling was bad enough for me to take pain killers which I never usually have to!
the snappiness I usually get on lead up has gone a bit but I still might get it during now&i get more weepy over things now than I used to
ive also started getting some really bad spots lately too.
I went to see gp about all this but he doesn't think its menopause related but that it could be to do with my cervix!
id already booked my smear in so gotta have that done this coming Monday&he said he would get the nurse to call him in when shes doing it so he can have a look at my cervix&if he can see nowt definite will refer me to gyny
what do you all think?

fubbsy Thu 04-Jul-13 13:14:50

If I were you, I would just ask for the referal to the gynae. Even if it is something to do with your cervix, wouldn't you want a specialist to be taking care of you?

When I was in perimeno, I had frequent periods, then fewer periods, then frequent periods again. I was also more weepy.

If you haven't already, you might want to take a look at Menopause Matters.

babyjane67 Thu 04-Jul-13 13:38:16

yes of course if its something to worry about I want to see the gyny about it no question!
it was more the point that I thought he was just gonna say yes its the menopause&give me some tabs or something!
he flummoxed me when he said no he didn't think it was that&that the other stuff can be just put down to normal pmt symptoms!
plus he doesn't think my age has anything to do with it!
thanks for the link will take a look later as I have to go out now
as I say my periods are still regular&havent missed any,just the onset of this bleeding in between which ive never had before!

SaraBiston Mon 08-Jul-13 11:47:13

You may hit menopause soon. Don't worry dear. It is the common age where women hit the menopause. Don't worry. Go for the proper diet food. Do regular exercise. Add lots of vitamins to your diet. Live a healthy lifestyle. This all will help you to manage menopause easily.

babyjane67 Mon 15-Jul-13 14:34:27

Well had my smear done last mon plus more swabs taken to rule out any infection
Have to go bk&see dr a wk today for results
Dr also did an internal&said all felt normal
Dr still doesnt think its anything to do with menopause as i havent missed a period&am still regular
They say it sounds more 'mechanical'
Just have to wait&see what results say&work out what the next step is as dr said

babyjane67 Mon 22-Jul-13 15:59:37

Hi all
I had my test results bk today&all are negatuve/normal thankfully so drs now referring me for a pelvic
She said that when she examined me the top of my cervix was red&that cells from inside the cervix are growing there which can cause bleeding butas all results were neg is nowt to worry bout.
still saying its nowt to do with menopause!
So av to see if scan comes up with anything

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