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menopause and mirena

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Dahlialover Wed 19-Jun-13 10:28:11

Does anyone have any experience of using mirena as the progestogen part of hrt?

This was sold to me as a possibility when I was taken off the coc, but I wasn't keen. I sort of hoped my periods would have stopped anyway but they gradually returned. Having had a really bad period, with bad pms and very sore joints, I thought this might be a good idea.

grants1000 Wed 19-Jun-13 18:49:00

I had a Mirena 2.5 years ago and have not looked back, changed my life 100% better.

Had heavey hideous periods, could harldy leave the house days 1-3 for fear of flooding (after hideous incident when I crounched down in Tesco to get something off the bottom shelf and it just seeped all over the knickets, trousers and down my leg, with massive tampon and thick towels - I just fled, sobbed in the car and got DH to come to the car with a coat to get me inside the house ASAP, all over the car seat, which DH cleanedm bless him).

My periods got better after two children (now 6 & 11), but they started creeping back until they were unbearable. I was such a miserable bastard and I hated them, my GP suggested the mirena, had heard good and bad, but GP is great and said if it did not work/suit me she could take it out. But I've had no issues at all and my life is BRILLIANT without the heavy flodding, PMS, sore boobs, I sometimes get very mild PMS but nothing on the scale of the banshee of doom I was before.

I'd say try it, best invention ever!

NeverBeenToMe Wed 19-Jun-13 18:59:43

Mirena is fine - personally I struggle with the hrt patches - they seem to give me the rage. I think I will be through the damn menopause before I find something that works long term!

Missbopeep Wed 19-Jun-13 20:49:29

No but my gynae would like me to as he thinks it's brill- low dose, in uterus and avoids some side effects of the oral route. I am sensitive to progestins as I have another health condition which gets worse with progestins, so even though it would be in my uterus I can't risk it. For other women though I think it makes a lot of sense and worth a go.

Dahlialover Tue 25-Jun-13 18:35:14

Well, any progress on this is on hold as I cannot get an appointment to see the gp who suggested this for at least a month, and the lady gp I saw had not heard of using mirena for hrt and felt that it was a bit late to be getting one and hrt not used much these days...............

Also, the gp who fits them will retire before I can get an appointment to see the one who might refer me.

Meanwhile, progress with the vagifem is slow sad

missbopeep Wed 26-Jun-13 16:35:07

You could try going to a menopause clinic or seeing a specialist privately to discuss.

This site has a 'find a specialist' bit to the menu.

Roma2013 Thu 01-Aug-13 04:12:37

My GP fitted the mirena for the same problem. In my area of the UK, it's quite common. It worked brilliantly. Are you in the US? I also have an oestrogen only patch (as progesterone provided by coil). I'm 50. What does she mean it's too late? That doesn't make sense.

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