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Raging hormones - is this perimenopause?

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hormonesinaspin Wed 15-May-13 16:40:17

I have name changed as this is a bit TMI. I am 40 and recently my monthly cycle goes something like this.

Up to 8 days before period, I get mega PMT where I hate the world, myself, could kill people I am so cross. Depressed. Just horrid.

Period arrives. Some months there's hardly anything, just a few days of spotting then one slightly heavy day, then nothing. Or Mega heavy for two days, then 1 light day, then nothing.

About a week after my period, I start to get a LOT of mucus down below. And then I get as horny as all hell and I want to shag every passing male (particularly of the younger variety.....cougar-tastic). I literally masturbate twice a day (interferes with getting much done). I am also mega upbeat and happy about life and am cheerful and feel invincible. This stage lasts about two weeks. Weirdly, this almost never coincides with when my husband is in the country. He gets the angry bloody me rather than the raging nympho me.

And then I might have a few days of normalcy before PMT swings round again.

I feel like I'm on some kind of hormonal rollercoaster. Today the postman (not a babe) knocked on the door and I began to have obscene thoughts. WTF is wrong with me??????

PS - is it normal that once you hit the age of 40 younger men start looking insanely attractive. Note I have NOT acted upon this.....just curious

lilolilmanchester Thu 16-May-13 16:41:34

You can ask your GP to do a blood test which can say whether you are in perimenopause - something to do with changing hormone levels. I found that just having it confirmed was a weight off my mind and I knew what I was dealing with.

P.S. yes, perfectly normal ;-)

Nukins Thu 10-May-18 23:45:09

What is going on?? I had my second baby 10 months ago. Periods always been regular 28 days and typical. I breast fed for 7 months and my periods still returned literally 4 weeks to the day after birth at 28 days as usual. The last few months however. (Possibly since feeding) they haven't felt the same I monitored the first couple and although 28 days I bled for up to 7 days heavily which was unusual as I'm always heavy for a day then have a normal light period ending after 4 days max. Last month my period arrived a week early. It started lightly but I just wanted it to hurry up and get heavy as I had the most awful pmt and could kill someone. Felt awful. Eventually it got very heavy and lasted 7days. I'm now on day 23 of that cycle and the last week I've felt awful pmt again. Bloating etc and woke this morning to heavy bleed. Since them this has become light almost stopped but I do feel cramps and rubbish and pmt? What's happening?im scared I don't want early menopause I want another child. I'm 35. I have not lost any baby weight either despite casually trying. I say this as I've done nothing different than I did after my first baby4 years ago and I sprung back to my pre preg size. I'm a stone and a half over weight still. I've been thinking thyroid issues but had basic blood test and Said functioning fine? Is there a better test? I had an awful reflux problem throughout out whole second pregnancy which has also returned now? Please advise. Thank you.

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