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when does spotting between periods stop?

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crazycatslady Thu 02-May-13 08:13:57

i was very early for a long time, got my periods every 22 days, and then suddenly my last period was fifteen days late. started on april 7 and the first few hours were rather painful.
i've been spotting and it's my fourth day of spotting now. it comes with mild cramps, but i'm very sensitive to pain and find it hard to go to work like this.
does anyone know how long the spotting will last? and will spotting between periods end in later perimenopause? like if i start skipping every two, three months, will the mid cycle or bleeding before periods or whatever this is, will it stop then, or does it go all the way into menapause, which can be years away?

bella65 Thu 02-May-13 09:15:41

There is no answer to this really- sorry!
Some people have a complete mix of everything you have had but it may all well change so don't be too miserable.
I had a friend who spotted continuously and was put on progesterone- like the mini pill- to stop it, because low progesterone in 2nd part of cycle can be the cause of spotting.
If your last period was 7 April, what you are having now could be your next period- but very light.

Usual advice is to keep a record for 3 months then see your dr who may decide that some kind of medication might help.

How old are you?

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