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PMDD - Treatments offered?

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Bowwow123 Fri 14-Jun-13 18:01:41

hi kyedecmy,
I agree! I've been through all those other treatments and tried everything I read or was told about and you are so right when you hit late thirties to early forties your pmt/pmdd really does change. I thought I was completely losing it. Moving in to a period in my life where EVERYTHING made me paranoid, scared, anxious was not a pretty thing!! however after going to see a wonderful gynae who went over my history thoroughly and agreed that I had tried everything. (yes I had had doctors persuade me to try the same old drugs over and over, how stupid was I?) he finally put me on prostap. MY Saviour, the drug and the doctor!!! yes I am Not mad....... phew! what a relief! anyway I am waiting for a hysterectomy and now it couldn't come soon enough. I've been on prostap monthly for nineteen months (apparently all elective surgeries have been postponed at my local nhs trust due to a backlog from xmas time) so I will continue to wait for my surgery patiently and happily ( a good bit fatter but definitely happier!) I would recommend it to anyone!

Kyedecmy Sat 25-May-13 06:31:12

Sorry meant to say in more detail, jab one starts the shutdown , minimal side effects, some can have a horrendous period but mine was more silly but 3 weeks long.
Jab 2 is complete shutdown so therefore menopause type symptoms kick in , hot flashes , joint pain etc , not in all people of course, ...
Sorry if previous message is a little irrelevant but I brought from another thread ...
It's the best thing I have ever ever ever done dreamdorset... Actually cannot wait for my hyst.

Kyedecmy Sat 25-May-13 06:27:19

Hey there . After 15 years suffering I have 3 months ago finally got some help ,!, firstly if not GET YOURSELF A FEMALE GP ,, no offence to any male docs but you l be banging your head against a wall. There's many a level to go through before you l be put on the right path, severe pmt and pmdd can be treated many ways but not one pair of slippers suits all :/) ....but believe me your are not going mad and you will feel awesome ... The list starts with the old primrose oil, black chosh, johns fart, relaxation,meditation , exercise , etc then when they don't work antidepressants are usually prescribed -- 15 years I v had them 8 different brand s for a depression I never had... Can be taken cyclic or fully monthly but they do help but only mask the issue not the actual problem . Fight your corner Nd get referred to Gyny .... If you b tried everything you l then be offered injections to block your ovaries producing and all hormones stopped to see what happens , AND OMFG it's heaven ... I'm 3 jab in and I could cry I'm so happy , there are side effects not to be taken lightly , but my pmdd had become soo bad I would of killed myself anyway .. I am however now in chemical menopause and will be starting HRT which Isn't ideal but like I say there was no alternative .... I'm going on the list for a full hysterectomy next Gyny appointment and for me it has literally saved my life .... It's not easy but once you hit 40 the pmdd that's always been there becomes worse as your already messed up hormones go perimenopausally crazier ... Go for it girl ,

Dreamdorset Sat 13-Apr-13 11:32:33

Hi Everyone, I have just been offered prostap injections with the view of a full hyst, as I suffer with PMDD - I was wondering how anyone else has got on and what treatments others have been offered etc?

Thanks everyone

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