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Elleste Duet HRT

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Menofrantic Mon 08-Apr-13 17:44:41

Hi ,I'm new on here , what a great site!
I have been struggling with Peri menopausal symptoms for some time now , but only plucked up courage to see my Doctor a few weeks ago after feeling so low , I thought I had become depressed , hence my trip to see him.
My symptoms were mostly very low moods - anxiety - feelings of inadequacy - being snappy and night sweats.
I have become someone I don't recognise and seem to struggle with daily tasks .
He gave me the above HRT and told me to give it 3months .
The upside is the first 16 oestrogen orange tablets have been great for mood management , but the downside is large sore boobs and a feeling of gaining weight .
Boobs still growing ;( and sore .
I'm now on the last few tables of the cycle, which are progesterone containing Norethisterone ( I seem to not get on with this hormone as had it before for excessive bleeding and made me very snappy )
The thing is , I need to get this imbalance right and don't know if I should go back try something else or give it 3 months as suggested .
I feel like I did when I first got pregnant bloated and big boobs, feel rubbish .
Surely Doctors can see what hormone is inbalanced by a simple blood test ?.
Are there any of you sufferers with similar symptoms that can advise .
Feel so horrible ;( .

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