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Am i starting menopause at 28?

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Emma2984 Fri 29-Mar-13 20:35:16

Im looking for some advise as i am starting to worry that i am in the early stages of menopause at 28 years old confused.

It started back in october time when my periods changed and became much more frequent, i was on for 5-7 days, then would have a break between 5-10 days then would be back on again. I also had one particularly heavy period which was a nightmare and had to change pads every 1hr or so and was passing huge clots. In between times i was also having spotting and other issues such as waking up through the night with soaking wet pj's, very sudden urges to go the the loo, painful dull aches in lower legs and hips, and really painfull headaches (not quite migraines). Some of the periods would also be dark brown

I also have huge urges to eat loads! and get really really tired to the point where i am fighting to stay awake.

The worst part is the sudden onset of anxiety, where i dont know why but i come up with usually the same issue in my mind which then i think about all day until i reach the point where in my mind i think that horrendous things are going to happen to my family members sad. I can cope with all the other symptoms but this anxiety is driving me crazy. I can also have days where i just feel really low, no particular reason but am very flat and have no emotions.

I have been to the doctors and had blood tests but they came back normal confused. I am a bit reluctant to go back as i just feel i will get fobbed off so am unsure what to do - just cope with it or go back and see if anything else can be wrong?

quoteunquote Sat 30-Mar-13 00:53:58

I am a bit reluctant to go back

The diagnosis system cannot work unless you do, it is a process of elimination, you have done the first bit, the symptoms have not gone, just ask what they will do next to determine what is going on.

The GP expects you to come back if there is still a problem, they won't pursue you, but they will refer you, if they have run out of things they can test for.

Go back and explain you need to know what is going on.

tigerzzzz Mon 01-Apr-13 19:27:23

Hi emma

I started with very similar symptoms age 29. Even had the anxiety and low moods. It didn't show up on a blood test until I was 36. I've had mixed response from docs. Some very dismissive, some more understanding, but they generally don't seem to take it that seriously unless it's a fertility issue. I suspect it's because it is something that happens to everyone, rather than being a medical problem iyswim.

I would definitely go back, as it could be something else wrong, or it could be peri and just not showing up on blood test. You need to get it investigated though just in case. Don't let them fob you off. If it is meno then you will need some HRT at your age to avoid bone problems in the future.

Good luck x

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