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irregular periods, perimenopause?

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kaylasmum Thu 21-Mar-13 11:07:59

My periods have been spacing out over the last 2/3 years apart from my last one about 6 weeks ago which was 2 weeks after the last one. Now I'm late again and since last saturday i've felt like its starting but i've had a brownish discharge on wiping.

Anyone else experienced this as a part of peri

Tia for any replies

kaylasmum Thu 21-Mar-13 11:08:51

Forgot to mention i'm 46 yo

kaylasmum Thu 21-Mar-13 16:05:00


Bellaciao Tue 02-Apr-13 20:40:32

Yes irregular and variable bleeding is a feature of peri-menopause. There is no standard - it seems to affect everyone differently! It's when they stop completely that the meno merry go round really begins for some of us ( not!). I had no physical symptoms until they stopped - well I went onto HRT before I knew whether I was post-meno or not because of the flushes, sweats and disturbed sleep! Hopefully you won't get these - or at least not for some time!

Missbopeep Fri 05-Apr-13 17:21:43

My periods literally petered out. I never had flooding or heavy ones. I had a few gaps of a month, then 4 months, and several very light periods when I just needed a panty liner, then that was it.

Mine stopped at almost 54, and my periods only really became very irregular from 52- 53. But everyone is different.

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