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35th day of bleeding!!!

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ArseAche Tue 19-Mar-13 17:25:15

Oh no, poor you! Hope it has stopped now, and you get a decent time to recover before the next one.

partystress Sat 16-Mar-13 22:19:07

Went to GP this week on 15th day of bleeding, last 9 of which were unbelievably heavy (affecting work because I couldn't get through an hour long lesson without needing to change supersize tampon).

I am older than you, and have been experiencing a more erratic cycle, tiredness and general lowness, but no flushes or any other specific symptoms. GP assumed it was to do with menopause and gave me Nora something or others (have had once before to avoid a period on holiday) which have almost stopped the bleeding. Googling before I went I vaguely understood that it is progesterone that regulates your womb lining and it can fail to switch off the thickening process.

Have to take the tabs for 10 days, then if I experience same length and level of bleeding, will be scanned for fibroids. No mention of thyroid. I would have thought your age would put you in peri range, so surprised at your GP's comments. Hope you get a break, and some answers, v soon.

ALMOSTMRSG Sat 16-Mar-13 21:19:40

My period started on 9th February and I am STILL bleeding. I visited my GP earlier this week and she has referred me for a gynocolgy appointment. I mentioned to her if I could possibly be premenopausal ( I'm 46) but she said the symptoms were not typical. I have an under active thyroid condition, GP took a blood test to check my thyroid function count and the results although slightly low are not any cause for concern and should not be causing the bleeding.
Has anyone had similar problems and if so did it turn out to be peri menopausal?

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