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Peri menopause diary

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Dahlialover Wed 13-Mar-13 11:04:46

I am 49 and six months ago, I was taken off the pill, as I have very occasional migraines with aura, and it is now considered unsafe. My original intention had been to stay on it until 50 and then go on to HRT, but that is out of the window now. I tried 2 POP with unsatisfactory results and gave up on them as they give me galloping constipation (which is to be avoided at all costs, having just had repair surgery - I am so glad I turned down the offer of a mirena coil)

Anyway, since my op, I have had two times where I thought I was ovulating and no periods. I thought about having a FSH/oestrogen test, but this can only tell me if I am approaching menopause, which I know already and not if it is passed. I have suspected for about 3 years that things had changed whilst I was on the COC.

I came across this accidently whilst trying to find out about my symptoms. I have therefore decided to keep a diary to see if I am still ovulating, and hopefully get a bit of control over other symptoms (mainly the constipation issues)

Natural family planning sites have been helpful too:
( I hasten to add that I am not jumping into this as a contraceptive method)

I am hoping this will give me more understanding about what is going on in my body. I already know a lot more from my searching (A level biology was not enough!)

Has anyone else tried anything like this, or am I the only nutty fruitcake around? Was it any help?

Dahlialover Wed 13-Mar-13 11:06:30

Sorry - messed up the links blush

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